Friday, 23 September 2011

On the brink?

Will this be a Black Friday, with the markets plummeting still further and investor panic spreading, or will the muppets work out that quoted firms are still pretty resilient (with the exception of the banks) and claw a point or two back on the scale, only to repeat the panic next week? Will Greece finally go 'pop' and end the suspense? Will the Eurozone 17 still crouch with eyes closed and fingers in their ears going 'nahnahnah'? Will China's manufacturing sector implode? Waiting for the global financial denouement is getting more wearing and fatiguing than the thing itself.

In the City at 6pm yesterday though you wouldn't know there's a war on. The pavements outside the pubs were packed six deep in the warm September dusk, the glass and chrome ground floor shops blazed with smug wealth and the gold leaf on the old signs gleamed warmly; late shift sweepers brushed the spotless streets with not a vacant lot in sight and only the sounds of the bottle-skips receiving another tipped bar-skep was audible above the late traffic.

Funny old world.


Greg Tingey said...

Either Greece goes OUT, or the Euro crashes, or, if we're really unlucky, both.

Commentators on Radio 4 are all saying that Greece can't be "saved" by present measures, and something's going to give.
The question is - what?

Barnacle Bill said...

It's not Greece that will leave the Euro, more a case of the Germans exiting a sinking ship, to form the Euromark.
Now who's going to be allowed in the lifeboat when the Germans do abandon ship?

Blue Eyes said...

I think Mr R is suggesting a disconnect between what is happening in the real world and what is happening on the News.

The real economy is not exactly booming, but nor is it imploding.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Same here.

You still can't get a table in a decent Glasgow restaurant on a Friday evening, unless you book.

I suppose they're all public sector workers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who was it said "war broke out and no one turned up"? Was it Lennon? Anyway, just think about it; all of us going about our daily business, as we do, and not requiring the services of any politician. The crisis wouldn't be a crisis would it? Perhaps they are all justifying the unjustifiable positions they hold.

Imagine there's no.... ah, we're back to Lennon again.

Coney Island

James Higham said...

Not good. It does appear to have started. I was speaking with the DWP this morning and the lady admitted that all sorts of things are ready to go - food stamps, soup kitchens etc.

Anonymous said...

@ James Higham

Really?? How come other blogs haven't picked this up? This is mega-news!

Coney Island