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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What sort of pub does Polly patronise?

I hesitate to imagine the sort of pub Lady Toynbee might use, but it would certainly have a wimmins only area, serve Islington gastrogrub at £17.50 a plate, be furnished in bleached Swedish barwood and have shelves of cloth-bound novels by obscure Fabians, purchased by the linear metre by the decorators. The blackboards notice boards would advertise 'alcohol-free alternatives' and a leaflet box would hold details of a local HRT support group. It's just possible then that what Polly claims this morning may be true;
Even after the crash Labour dared not speak a word of blame, but this leader was ready to say what you hear outside any school gate, in any pub, on any doorstep. As he berated "fast-buck" traders, something for nothing "predators", "asset strippers", "vested interests", "cosy cartels", "rigged markets" and "Britain's closed circles", here was the answer to what drives Ed Miliband on.
How far divorced the experiences of the rich and privileged are from the lives of us ordinary folk. Lady Toynbee and her friends, waiting at the gates of the London Oratory School or St Pauls Girls School in their Vulvo estates, or on the polished marble doorsteps of Highgate and Ham, enjoy a unique insight that's lost to the rest of us.

In the pubs the rest of us use, public contempt and loathing is reserved for politicians, journalists and bankers. At the school gate, resentment and confusion at the £90,000 salary of the mediocre lefty head leading the school to academic failure, and on the doorsteps anger and pain at Labour's poison legacy of immigration and gross economic mismanagement. But we wouldn't expect Lady Toynbee and her Fabian chums to know the views of us ordinary folks, would we?


Anonymous said...

Thinking of summat else R? Vulvo? I'd never venture anywhere near the estate of her 'vulvo'.

This steaming twit, is so full of herself does she really believe her own rambling penning [or is she just taking the piss]?
To actually think, that so soon after the wilful catastrophe of 13 years of Socialist blight, that, the British people have mentally pushed aside all of the myriad Balls/Brown-ups of Labour.

Then, she exhibits a type of neurosis, it could be one of two , either she is so contemptuous of the 'attention span' of her fellow
citizens, or more worrying [for her] she sets store and believes in what she literally spews.

Too many years of 'il sole' and chianti and not enough riserva.

Curmudgeon said...

Not to mention the smoking ban which has closed thousands of pubs down and condemned many of their customers to be treated like pariahs. In fact the general message would be that Labour stopped listening to ordinary people. About anything. And hasn't started again now.

Greg Tingey said...

She's the exact mirror-image of the "rightwing" tory in the golf club refusing jews, hating niggers, and making sure women can't join!
Yes, I know, that stereotype is now out-of-date, but they DID exist, as recently as 1980.
They probably still do, but have morphed into something equally vile.

Nasty pieces of work.

Blue Eyes said...

It's all the fault of Blair for not tearing up the Tory Conspiracy!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"vested interests", "cosy cartels", "rigged markets"

Such as, for instance, Crapita, G4S, any and all Public Sector Unions, Local Authorities, and all the flimflam of big government generally.

Curmudgeon said...

If Labour starts demanding that companies adhere to "ethical standards", however defined, it will benefit the big boys who can afford compliance units, at the expense of small and start-up businesses. Classic corporatism, really - exactly what you would expect from Labour.

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey: "She's the exact mirror-image of the "rightwing" tory in the golf club refusing jews, hating niggers, and making sure women can't join!"

Oooooh dearie! 7 out of 10 for attempted libel but 1 out of 10 for originality.

Curmudgeon: "Classic corporatism .. "

AKA fascism. Government direction of economic activity. Good companies are extended favorable tax treatment, BAD companies are taxed out of existence.

Anonymous said...

And how will the corrupt and sleazy politicians decide which is a good company and which is a bad one?

It wouldn't by any chance depend on company contributions to the party?

Perish the thought.

Greg Tingey said...

You've got it!
Wasn't that a suprise!

Bill Sticker said...

"We wouldn't expect Lady Toynbee and her Fabian chums to know the views of us ordinary folks, would we?"

Raedwald; In their eyes we don't count. These Fabian types care for nothing but their own agenda.

Curmudgeon said...

"It wouldn't by any chance depend on company contributions to the party? "

That might be a bit too obvious, but they might be looking at, say, how active companies are in the "battle against climate change".

John M said...

I've long come to the conclusion that Polly Toynbee is merely hamming up her reputation as queen troll of the left wing press.

There's no way that she can possibly believe the factless bollocks that she writes. It's not political debate or reasoning, it's just appeasement to the few remaining communist mongs who still read the Telegraph.

Polly is, of course an outright capitalist. With a spanking great salary, children at private schools and a property portfolio that your average factory worker can only dream of, she has bills to pay!

And as long as Alan Rusbridger (another superannuated socialist) continues to pay her to write that shit, she will continue to pump it out.

Hail demand and supply! Hail market rates for left wing newspaper drivel! Seriously - I'd write the same shit as she does for that amount of money.

John M said...

Of course I really meant "Guardian" rather than "Telegraph".

I hope the Telegraph doesn't cancel my subscription as a result of that heinous insult!

John M said...

Of course with factual inaccuracies like the one I just made I guess I should expect an invite to become a Guardian columnist any time soon.


Ed P said...

Are Vulvo estates the ones with the mud flaps?

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey wrote : You got it.

I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you.

Meanwhile, while all eyes are on the unfolding Euro train wreck, guess what

A memorandum of understanding for the secondment of Turkish officials at the European Commission is signed in Strasbourg on the 28th of September, 2011 by the Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr. Egemen BAĞIŞ and Vice‐President of the European Commission in charge of Inter Institutional Relations and Administration Mr.Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ.

As agreed between Turkey and the European Commission, Turkish national experts will be employed at the Commission as “Seconded National Experts” and “National Experts in Professional Training”. This recent development is a ‘milestone’ for Turkey‐EU relations since through this secondment, Turkish bureaucrats will work together with the Euroaucrats in policy making and implementation of the EU politics.

In other words, Turks will have a role in shaping EU's future politics and legislation.

matts said...

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