Friday, 28 October 2011


Economic confidence is at the heart of growth, and we just don't have it. New construction orders are lagging, not for want of opportunities, as Scobs has commented, but for want of investor and lender confidence. Yet build a new shopping mall or launch a new heavyweight food chain and people will come - they want to share the confidence, the brashness, the exuberance and actually will success. Someone with confidence that their career is going somewhere other than redundancy will sign a new car loan, buy a new sofa or build a loft extension. Manufacturers will invest in that new CNC milling machine, transport firms in a new tracking system. 

The one change that will boost domestic confidence beyond measure is certainty over our future in the EU. We will rediscover the Commonwealth - never mentioned by Cameron or Osborne, yet the most noble and steadfast achievement of our sainted Monarch has been to keep the Commonwealth alive through decades of government indifference. The UK has a unique role in bridging continental Europe with the Anglophone Commonwealth, the hub of a free-trade system that serves to enrich all. But we must shed the shackles of an EU system utterly antipathetic to our national character; the Statism, the beetling bureaucrats, the Napoleonic laws, the police spies and brigades of gendarmes. Those things are Europe's unfortunate legacy and must stop at the Channel. Our waters must be free and serve our nation first, and we must deter like the Hornet - we may be too small to kill you, but can inflict a sting of such pain you won't risk conflict with us. In short, casting off the shackles of the EU will bring a surge of hope, confidence and economic growth to the UK like nothing else.

All we have to do is persuade the boy David and his permatan chums to do the bidding of the British people. 


Greg Tingey said...

One slight problem.

Every PM since 1979 has cut the Royal Navy.
The madwoman from Grantham started the rot (as opposed to Jim Calor-Gas who sent ships to the Falklands, and made sure the Argies knew we had...)
And every traitor PM since then, irrespective of party, has commited the same treason.

Blue Eyes said...

I'm not convinced that leaving the EU and re-engaging with the Commonwealth would improve economic confidence in the short term.

Anonymous said...

Precisely. We are shackled to a bureaucratic dead weight that will prevent us from growing our economy. Ceding control of The City to the Eurocrats will be the nail in the coffin.

We should cut loose from the EU, join EFTA, reinvigorate the Commonwealth and rebalance our trade away from the protectionist EU and towards the emerging economies.

The Boy David and the Conservative Elite must be made to listen and that means not voting for the current Party leadership. Maybe a massive win for UKIP in the 2014 EU Parliament elections will send them a message they understand.

Another annony bod said...

By which time it will probably be too late. Missed the boat, as it were!

Greg Tingey said...

And Growth isn't helped by a little bit of news today

One can sympathise with the "anti-capitalist "occupy" people on reading if such shortsighted greed and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that you write here Raedwald, but the problem is more serious than just the EUropean Union's baleful influence.

I reckon that our withdrawal from the EU would simply move the problem to Westminster. The political class that has grown out of the fledgling socialist system introduced by Attlee, has engendered, a "we can fix it" mentality amongst that class. And I mean "fix it" in every sense of the word!

The problem with this is that fixing everything requires a deft system of pickpocketting, and we are losing 60-70% of our income to the unproductive state, due to this light-fingeredness.

Anonymous said...

Right now, for the UK, exhausted by being never quite in or out, the best policy would be an out.

Sometimes a change is all that is required to restore a person's outlook on life. And restoring the commonwealth is a nice idea.

Scrobs... said...

You only have to spend several days poring over OJEU docs, to realise what sort of shackles we have to undo before even getting a sniff at a new job.

Thanks for posting this Raeders, it is becoming a desperate situation now.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"...persuade the boy David and his permatan chums to do the bidding of the British people..."

Well good luck with that.

And BE, you might be right, but it's better to be poor and in control of your destiny than to be poor and beholden to someone else's whims.