Monday, 17 October 2011

Guardian claims the 99% as its own

It was inevitable, I suppose, that the Guardian should claim the 99% as its own, despite its fat-cat public sector readership and bloated staff making up a goodly number of the 1% in the UK. Thus "The fight against global climate change is down to us - the 99%" thus neatly ignoring the gratuitous and obscene profits made by the green energy wing of the 1% as a sort of global climatic con trick. "Occupy protests are reclaiming the psychic space" claims Nina Power, in an article based on the premise that the 1% have established a mind-control system which the tinfoil hats of the protesters have foiled (pardon the pun). A millionaire columnist (no, no, not Lady Toynbee - her piece of guff will come tomorrow) even declares "I'm part of the 1% but I support the 99%", a sentiment with which many of the papers' readers will agree. 

Of course 'we're the 99%' now has the same sort of cachet as declaring 'I'm Spartacus'. The 'Mail' will doubtless run a piece under the strap "Squeezed Surrey homeowners against HS2 are the 99%", the Glasgow Herald will declare "Scots 99% bear the brunt of cuts" and ASDA will launch a TV ad campaign under the slogan "The 99% shop with us". Tee shirt factories in guangdong are no doubt going flat-out producing derivatives of the slogan in more or less meaningful English; "Fish Glass 99%" perhaps or "99% Rap Queen Bus". Cautious statisticians will declare "We're the 95%, + or - 4%". 

That's the thing about a good slogan. It can mean anything to anyone. 


Sean said...

.......and only 2% away from being the truly moronic 101%, which of coure is what the 99% will be giving.

Sean said...

And calculating.

opinion prole said...

99% being about the proportion of the British population that do not read the Guardian.

Anonymous said...


What is abundantly clear however, is the fact that despite nobody ever voting for the graun, it wields an influence totally disproportionate to it's paltry readership.
And that, this influence, ie, what the country really needs - is the direct inverse of what the graun overtly champions and believes in; Socialism, open borders, equality, mutilkulti, Political correctness, the EU, AGW etc, etbloodycetera.

It's egregious attack on Rupert Mudoch, typifies the pompous hypocrisy of this dreadful rag but it also highlights just how much weight our woeful 'elite' place in its campaigns. That, the graun was at the very same time and with it's 'sister' the Independent was up to using the exact same tricks, Murdoch's papers were employing, seems to be neither here nor there or registered, or remembered by their fawning and gormless readers.

Do as we say, not as we do - "our lies, are nice little colourless lies".

Blue Eyes said...

It's laughable, but then most of the 99% realise that and haven't OCCUPIED anything this weekend. It's just the Left talking to itself as usual.

I wonder if the 1% columnist agrees with Peter Tatchell that there should be an immediate 20% wealth tax on the 1%?

pete said...

Maybe about 99% of the Occupy protestors are Guardian readers or the children of Guardian readers.

That seems very possible.

Protests of this kind are usually from people who want to live well on other peoples money and are convinced they are entitled to it. And that sums up most Guardian readers.

Anonymous said...

They sure don't make up 99% of the population though. "We are the 5%"! probably doesn't sound as good..