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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Poison dwarf Bercow fights for his plunder

At a time of great national austerity, when the population are being asked to make substantial personal sacrifices, it is the duty of those in positions of public responsibility to lead by example. The Speaker of the Commons is the nation's First Citizen, the most senior commoner in the realm, and therefore in a position to set the standards of behaviour to be expected from all those who occupy high public office. So how does poison dwarf Bercow, the worst Speaker in historical memory and a disgrace to the Chair, react to this? By fighting to protect his privileged wedge, of course. His message to the nation is clear - "Grab all you can while you can and sod everyone else".

Will no one rid us of this noisome little dribble?


Anonymous said...

Have a care to observe, who is the 'power behind the throne'. In Blair's, Cameron's and Jerkoff's domestic situations, these wan and weak men are guided and are commanded thus - by their spouses.

Greg Tingey said...

Like erm ..
Charles I, Louis XVI, Nicholas II, and the Rezā Shāh Pahlavi, perchance?

Assessor said...

This one worse than his predecessor? A close run thing methinks.

Anonymous said...

"the worst Speaker in historical memory a"

Yes, even Martin?

James Higham said...

Why do we have such cringeworthy pairs in the UK? Blair and wife spring to mind.