Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Post-Apartheid struggle for equality

Labour's policy of Apartheid, or separate development, for black and ethnic groups in the UK badged here as 'multiculturalism' has led to gross and entrenched inequality in a nation that believes fundamentally in equality of opportunity. The ethnic townships into which Labour funneled immigrants - Bradford, Luton, Burnley, Thamesmead (SoEaTo), Tower Hamlets - with dedicated funding, support services, health and education provision that were separate from the services and provision for the majority population have failed abysmally. 

Labour's Apartheid policies even went so far as to deny the immigrants access to a basic driving test in English, insisting that they should be able to take the test in Swahili, Urdu, Tagalog or Sylheti, but without changing the road signs in the townships accident rates have soared as the immigrants collide with one another and with pedestrians, unable to read the simplest road instructions. Even the township bus companies have been encouraged to license drivers who can't speak a word of English as part of Labour's 'separate development' creed; this effectively confined them to the homelands, unable to integrate, unable to work elsewhere and unable to enjoy wider British society. The entrenched disadvantage among these people from Labour's divisive and discriminatory policies have condemned a whole generation to poverty and inequality. 

Ending Apartheid in the UK will not be easy. Entrenched attitudes from racial separatists on the left such as Jonkheers Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper and Hilary Benn are deeply embedded in the immigrant municipalities; even Ooom Benn, whose influence is palpable, is in favour of racial Apartheid. They will oppose bitterly the integration of the immigrant communities, and their equality with the majority population. As these old racist relics gather on the stoep for dagga and a dop they are unaware that British society has moved on, that their own racism isn't reflected in a population accepting of race and colour as irrelevant distinctions. But their divisive Britain has gone - it just refuses to die. 


Anonymous said...

Where's Nelson Mandela, when you need him?

Or should that read... Trevor Phillips?

Anonymous said...

Apartied is a commonly used strategy in Labour. You only have to look at the apartied economy they created. The haves being the well paid and well pensioned battalions of public sector workers paid for by the have nots in the private sector.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

It's always been my opinion that anyone involved in promoting "multiculturalism" was a professional racist.

That assertion is borne out by every interaction between a white local and an ethnic minority automatically viewed through a prism of how the white guy/girl is automatically being racist.

Anonymous said...

local government was funding ethnic / religious groups long before Labour came to power. It's true they took it to another level but they are all to blame for the mess.

Anonymous said...

The way that 'racist' is used with such relish and aggression makes me wonder when all the liitle tribes of multiculturism are created why should not the big races - chinese or indian etc just step in and take over.
Who will be able to deny them?

Anonymous said...

That post could have been straight out of Jurie Steyn's Post Office. Have you been reading Herman Charles Bosman, Raedwald?