Thursday, 13 October 2011

Rape and spoilation

Richard North has a few succinct and hard-hitting words on the effects of the common fisheries policy. Our island waters should be teeming with an abundance of marine life, which if sustainably fished inshore by boats under 10m and further out by boats that can stay out for a few days will provide an inheritance for all the people of these islands who come after us. Instead our inshore waters have been turned into deserts, raped and spoiled by the Spanish factory ships that hoover up every living sea creature for fertilizer and chicken meal. 

Fishing is a hard life and one no fisherman would recommend to his children. Yet it formed the backbone and character of countless villages and communities around our coasts, employment and independence, and fed us through two submarine blockades. Marine stocks have the chance now to recover - it's not quite too late - but we must exclude the Spaniards in particular from our waters. Richard estimates we have lost £100bn to Spain alone. 

Dr North rightly reserves his contempt for the weak and spineless political class who have sold away the birthright of Britain's children - our fish stocks - for narrow self-interest, short term expediency and the nauseous stench of political jobbery. And as the foreign beam-trawls scrape the British sea bed into a barren waste, what's our Prime Minister's greatest concern? Oh, stopping teenage boys watching porn on their PS3s.    


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Heath-Cameron has surrendered so much to the EU that pretending* to censor peoples' web surfing is probably the only thing left that he actually has any responsibility for.

*And he is only pretending: see the ISPs'latest response - the whole thing will be voluntary anyway. Like all other Call-me-Dave initiatives, it's just for show. The man is beyond contempt.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to a "Save Our Fish" meeting in Westminster, round about 1994/5.

All the great and the good from the Tory party were there... No doubt, all of the fishermen were Labour voters.

We heard all the stuff about hoovering up the seabed, sand eels for agriculture, Spanish trawling techniques and what not... I sat next to the Lamont, John Redwood made a speech.

Sixteen years later nothing has changed, except for the sea-bed, that must be looking a little bit forlorn by now.

We need to get out of the EU now and take back our sovereignty, and to do that we have to get rid of the LibLabCONsensus...

The only practical way of doing that, is to vote for another party en-masse... doesn't matter whether one doesn't like them, or its leader.. No one likes Cameron, Clegg or Milipede either.

Bloggers have a responsibility here, many have a hostility to that party, and prefer the concept of disruption from a lower level... It might work... It might not... But getting rid of the LibLabCON WILL work.

Add to that the benefit of (Swiss style, issue based) direct democracy, and we have a blueprint for a new order of reformed Westminster and local council balance of power too.

formertory said...

In an age of cheap, reliable, GPS precision I don't understand why certain areas can't be defined as "no fish" zones both coastally and say, in the middle of the North Sea which would easily accommodate a 22500 m^2 zone, 150 miles on each side.

It should be fairly easy - fish in a no-fish zone and lose your boat, nets, quota, creels, whatever. Whoever you are and wherever you're from.

Then take old oil industry assets and sink them all over the seabed to form reefs, to exclude permanently the seabed rapists.

Happy to accept that I may be being naive (and I wouldn't turn down a chance to tell the EU where to sling it's hook) because a fisherman I ain't. A good friend, though, is a creel fisherman and reserves a particularly cruel vitriol for fishermen in general and dredgers in particular.

outsider said...

At PMQs Kelvin Hopkins, the splendid Luton Labour MP, asked Mr Cameron to insist on withdrawal from the Common Fisheries Policy as our condition for agreeing to whatever enabling device we have to agree to for the creation of the eurozone semi-state.

Simple and achievable (as long as you do not want your EU colleagues to love you). Most Eurosceptic MPs agree that this is the first repatriation priority.

Mr Cameron just batted him away as a principled eccentric (ie a loser in Cameron/Osborne parlance). Being one of the gang (the winners) is much more important. How Brussels folk must laugh at them.

It is clear from debates on the subject that Whitehall's fixed policy is to seek to ameliorate the CFP slightly at successive 10 yearly negotiations because withdrawal is impossible. So that policy must be adhered to.

In Cameron/Osborne parlance fishermen, like voters as a whole, are losers.

By the way, I am told elsewhere that the Cameron initiative on "child protection" is a PR initiative to take credit for an EU Directive due to take force in 18 months, but have not checked this.

Anonymous said...


You might be interested to know that the Channel Islands, which is not in the EU, but is very much in what might be called (currently) "EU waters", is teeming with sea life...

It's managed properly, by the local fishermen, and not raped by a bunch of crooked dictatorial civil servants.

Which of course is what would be done if that party that I was talking about above were to have hands on the tiller...

If it was possible for the Canadians to recover their stocks, it's surely possible for us, all we need is to get our sovereignty back.

Anonymous said...

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