Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Werrity is just more sleaze

Werrity is the sort of name Dickens would come up with. Magwitch and Werrity, dealers in hooves and glue, perhaps. Fox is too obvious a tag for an ambitious politician; Dickens would have used a derivative of vulpine. Wulpine, possibly. Werrity and Wulpine, then, dealers in hooves and glue, with a stinking yard in Bow from which the rendering chimney spews its greasy smoke over a widow's flower garden. Something like that. 

However crawlingly Fox grovelled yesterday, however ready to lay down his partner for his political life, and whatever mock sincerity the Prime Minister pretended to evince, this was just more sleaze in the public's mind, reinforcing the popular view of Parliament as the place where little men come to get rich. We don't know what Wulpine got from Werrity; chocolates on the pillow, little splits of Moet or amusing cufflinks all seem possible. But over all hangs the stench of the glue works. 


Barnacle Bill said...

As it does over all this Parliament.

I wonder will future historians label these the Corrupt Parliaments?
Something along the lines of -
"From 1997 till the Great Revolt of 2015, the UK was governed by a number of corrupt Parliaments in London, ..."

formertory said...

If Werrity has accompanied Fox on fully one-third of Fox's overseas travel (as I just heard alleged on the radio), it'll be interesting to see what comes out about how those costs were paid.

This is a more stupid misjudgment than Hague, sharing a hotel room with his aide - whatever the truth of the event. Somehow, he seemed to escape reputational damage; whether Fox can do the same thing will be interesting.

I've rarely, though, seen a senior pol on the news looking quite so much like a rabbit in the headlights. Last time might have been Michael Howard / Jeremy Paxman.

Anonymous said...

[Quote]Werrity and Wulpine, then, dealers in hooves and glue, with a stinking yard in Bow from which the rendering chimney spews its greasy smoke over a widow's flower garden. Something like that. [Quote]

I like it!
When can we expect the full draft?

Anonymous said...

Richard North is right, when he observes, that Fox was never and is not now, in full command of his brief.
That he is - a pompous and ever so slightly shifty little man.
A minister, full of his own self belief - "I can do no wrong".
That's the problem [once again], they don't see that this is committing an offence.
In fact, is so far as the British elite is concerned, cronyism, nepotism - call it what you will- is alive, kicks [back?] and de rigueur.

Robert said...

What does Mrs Fox think of all this?

John Page said...

Yesterday's Telegraph front page headlines had Fox on the lefthand side and Huhne's shabbiness on the right.

If this government crumbles, that front page will be taken as a sign of things that were to come.

Blue Eyes said...

I couldn't care less whether Werritty is Fucking Fox or the other way around but couldn't it be at some backstreet Pimlico pied-a-terre rather than on ministerial meetings with allies and trading partners?

Elby the Beserk said...

Raddled - I woke up this morning, and for whatever reason my first thought was - Werrity - he must be a Dickens character. Great minds eh?

What I do not understand is HOW Dr. Fox can have possibly have thought that carting this bloke all over the world, and giving him access to the MoD was in any way acceptable behaviour. Especially after Hague carting his bit of fluff all over the place.

I would also like to know why the well-defined procedures regarding inappropriate conduct behaviour by Ministers have been completely by-passed.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Would we miss Fox?

Could anyone be worse for our country's defence?

I have to admit that when I saw the headline in the Metro "Fox on the run", my first thought was "So she WAS guilty!" Unfortunately the truth - as so often - was more prosaic.

savanarola said...

Fox is shagging Werrity. Fox in payment for services rendered provides an umbrella for the grubby Werrity to hollow out a living through spurious consultancies which follow Fox's various depatmental responsibilities like slugslime.

Funny how these chappies think that their 'activities' are not visible.

English Pensioner said...

As one who went "through the mill" many years ago to get a high level security clearance, I find it appalling that, according to the Telegraph, MoD Officials have no idea where Werrity gets his money or what he does for a living.
At the time my bank accounts were examined and I was closely questioned about other sources of income, even as to why I held a few shares in particular companies. They also questioned my referees about my sexual orientation, a subject which is now presumably taboo!
Presumably they no longer bother as there are no secrets worth hiding.

Anonymous said...

Barnacle Bill"From 1997 till the Great Revolt of 2015, the UK was governed by a number of corrupt Parliaments in London, ..."

Oh! If only.

The reason this Parliament in Westminster is so sleazy, is because it is nothing more than a rubber stamp. Passing leglislation through from Brussels.

One of my old teachers used to say, "The devil finds work for idle hands." Just before she hit you.

Instead of directing the Civil Service, it has become just another part of the civil service, but with fewer controls.

outsider said...

Frankly, I find your post and some of the comments distasteful.
The worst thought crime in modern Britain is to support the law against homosexual practice that reigned in this country when I was a child. Yet the most vicious political bloodsport today is hunting closet gays (aided and abetted by the Stonewall set).

Why don't we grow up.

Instead of being married or single, everyone now has to be straight or gay. Silly. Yet that is the gossiper's prejudice about any senior politician, though there is little or no evidence that, say, Gordon Brown or Edward Heath were homosexual, any more than the stream of ministers who married their secretaries in their 40s.

Life is not binary. And remember Gore Vidal: "there is no such thing as homosexuality, only homosexual acts". Again, let's grow up.

Anonymous said...

Outsider: "Yet the most vicious political bloodsport today is hunting closet gays "

I think you have missed the point, old bean.

One doesn't give a tinkers cus' if a man is homosexual or not. Does he support his 'affair' with public cash. That is the question, one which could be applied equally to clandestine hetrosexual or homosexual relationships.

Hague and Fox, both on the face of it, seem to have failed that test.

Greg Tingey said...

Barnacle Bill
Your dates are WRONG
It should (Will?) read:
"From 1979 till the Great Revolt of 2015, the UK was governed by a number of corrupt Parliaments in London, ..."

Weekend Yachtsman
Well, I've said before every PM since 1979 should be dangling at a rope's-end for treason...

With both of the above, we can only hope?

Yawn, Thatcher wot started it said...

Dear Greg Tingey, yawn, do save a rope for youself (as long as the anti-tory chips on both shoulders don't snag the rope).

outsider said...

Dear anonymous: You may be right but I have not heard anything at all to suggest that Messrs Fox and Hague's friendships have resulted in one extra pound of public spending. David Laws is different. He had the option (and personal resources) not to claim in order to protect his privacy. But even there, his arrangement actually saved me money. There have been far worse "straight" examples that are swept under the carpet.
I am not trying to defend gays: it is the malicious hypocrisy that makes me queasy.

Raedwald said...

Outsider - it's not either party's presumed sexuality that's at issue; I'm old enough not to be surprised by anyone's sexual tastes, most of which resist neat labels. No. It's the idea that a 'special friend' - unelected, unemployed an uncleared security wise - should be offered the opportunity for unfair commercial advantage on the basis of an emotional relationship with a senior Minister of State. Werrity could be female, blond, transexual or asexual as far as it matters.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11 October 2011 14:03


Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Greg Tingey: you mean every PM since 1997, plus Ted "traitor" Heath.

Don't you?

Greg Tingey said...

Oh dear

Look, in 1972-3, joining the then EEC was a GOOD idea.
It would have been even better if we had joined back in 1956, but the second-worst PM we've ever had (Eden) screwed that.
Also, if then, the EEC would have developed differently.

As it is, what was a good idea has become a disaster.
So I (and I suspect a lot of others) have changed sides - we want out of the present EU, which has become an unelected bureaucratic nightmare.
To blame Heath for that is 150% self-serving arrogant, smug hindsight.

I was referring to the systematic run-down of our defences, started by the RN cuts instigated by you-know-who just before (and causing) the Falklands' War. And continued by all the PM-traitors since.

I suggest you get a grip on reality.