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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Whatever happened to .......

Number 47 - Gordon Brown

Once a familiar figure on Britain's television screens, Brown enjoyed a brief period of wealth and fame earlier in the century with his unique brand of Scots surliness, sociopathy and violence. A troubled personal life and mental health problems followed the cancellation of his show shortly after the first series, and he returned to Scotland from London and quickly faded from the public eye. Today he can often be found squatting in a puddle of his own urine outside Kirkcaldy 'Iceland' alternatively growling and shouting at shoppers and soliciting money. He has refused offers from old friends in the area and sleeps in an old Astra van at the edge of the disused municipal tip. 


Anonymous said...

If only, if only, if only this was true. I would personally drive up to Scotland and spend a fortune on diesel (and consider it money well spent) to see that bastard languishing in his own piss. To reverse the meaning in the Flower of Scotland and use it against him - "we sent him home to think again"

Coney Island

Span Ows said...

What Coney island said! In fact we could arrange a few buses.

savonarola said...

"we sent him home to stink again"

The tragedy/madness of Brown of Brown that he is totally unaware of his own self.

I believe the roots of the problem lie in his relationship with his father and his sexuality. His father in that he did not inherit unfortunately did not pass on his 'integrity/moral compass' which meant Gordon could only pay lip service to them. Out of this grew his self hatred.
Along with this condition he was unsure of his sexuality. This caused him to loathe women although for political purposes he had to use and abuse them.
When Brown looks in the mirror, which is not often, he wants to throw up in self revulsion.
His days will end in depression and he will become dependent on drugs.

F***W*T TW****R said...

I've heard a comment on radio 4, "Obama is like Gordon Brown but without the sense of humour".