Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The political class and corporate class are one

On a day when no one is arguing seriously against the condemnation by the High Pay Commission of the naked corporate greed by the parasitic bloodsuckers who siphon the profits from your savings and pensions to fund their lavish lifestyles, only the Guardian seems to have got it right on the Spanish election. And the preceding paragraph doesn't make me some sort of Trot - I'm still the One-Nation Conservative I always have been. But the biggest threat to my core ideologies, to Adam Smith, laissez-faire capitalism and a Burkean Britain, comes not from the left but from an unholy Statist alliance between the political class and the corporate class. 

And they will fall together. The scrawls of 'Vote Here' on the ATM machines in Spain, and the almost universal cries of 'they don't represent us' and 'they're all the same' are not manifestations of anarcho-trotskyist protest but of the Wisdom of Crowds. 


Ed P said...

There was "an unholy Statist alliance between the political class and the corporate class" in 1930s Germany. That didn't turn out very well either.

Anonymous said...

It is not a coincidence that senior politicians and CEOSs of FTSE100 Companies are all in the Bilderberg group. There is a worldwide conspiracy against the people!

Anonymous said...

Thet are so out of touch.
They are as out of touch as the Bourbons in 18th century France.
I see historical parallels here.
Theeir ilk will soon be swept away by events they have created themselves.

Savonarola said...

70's and 80's workers/unions scourge of shareholders. 90's and this decade greedy directors/managers scourge of shareholders the greatest rip-off being massive dilution of shareholders through over generous option schemes unconnected to performance.
Corporate greed is the great enemy of growth. Directors' real remuneration has doubled in last decade. Average earnings have been stagnant hence no sustainable growth is possible. Lifestyles maintained by borrowing on house and card.
This slow-no growth phase will last many years.

Anonymous said...

interesting to see the makeup of the 'High Pay Commision'
Directors / Chief execs etc, but with no declaration of their own remuneration.... or doesn't that count?

PS also includes Polly T!

Anonymous said...

People are arguing seriously against the condemnation by the "High Pay Commission" of the "naked corporate greed by the parasitic bloodsuckers who siphon the profits from your savings and pensions to fund their lavish lifestyles". And rightly too:


Anonymous said...

Go on !
the shareholders could do something if they wanted to . But they dont.Because they are in general content.
As for the 'wisdom of the crowd' they dont have wisdom they have placards.

Greg Tingey said...

Ed P. & Readwald.
A very similar unholy allince exists in the USSA, especially where thet "Tea Party" the "Republicans" and other righ-wing nutters (Koch / Exxon etc) exists.
Come 2016 it might not turn out too well.
( I think the Rethuglicans have screwed it so badly, that Obama will win next year )

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey: "and other righ-wing nutters"

Come on Greg, I know lefties don't do balance but, just for once. Tell us about the human rights record of the 'left wing nutters'. You know, such nice fellows as Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and yes, Hitler.

Greg Tingey said...

( AKA too scared to use a name )
What leftie?
Ever heard the phrase: to quoque ??
Ever heard or seen me praise those religious murderers Stalin, pol Pot & Mao?
Hitler was (very) right-wing.
They were all AUTHORITARIAN.
Which is much more important, in many ways, than "left" and "right".
That, of course, is one reason Adolf and the RC church cosied up to each other so much .....
And, also the Nazi-Soviet pact ... which is being replayed now, every time some group of real left-wing nutters cosy up to the jihadists.

Now, keep off the personal insults, please, and present us with an argument.
Or go forth and multiply, OK?

Anonymous said...

"too scared to use a name"

Presumably you apply that insult to the other four Anonymous (or the other one) too?

Greg Tingey: 'right wing nutters'.

When 'nutters' would be sufficient. The usual 'smear by association' a specialty of the left.

Greg Tingey: "Now, keep off the personal insults,"

Quick scan of my last post, no personal insult, simply a good humoured request to illuminate the dark recesses of the Lefty pantheon.

Natch the left would like to disown Hitler, but anyway, why focus on him when you would have had such a rich pickings with the others?

Greg Tingey: "Or go forth and multiply, OK?"

Personal insults,.... Moi?

Greg Tingey said...

Anonymous makes the assumption that I am left-wing.
Which is untrue.
He also lies.
Hitler was in no way left-wing.
I suggest he (she?) reads some history.
Oh and look at the close co-operation between the NSDAP and the Catholic church, as opposed to the relgious war fought between the competing false religions of catholicism and comunism.

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey: "He also lies."

More personal insults Greg. tch tch. I thought you were against that sort of thing.

Greg Tingey: "Hitler was in no way left-wing."

Given we agree, Hitler and Stalin were both totalitarian. Both ruthlessly eradicated free will and free expression, both slaughtered millions of innocent people for ideological reasons.

From this perspective, the extremes of the left right continuum isn't a line that stretches to infinity in opposite directions, rather each extreme follows an arc that meets where both ideologies are unified in State Terror.

Don't know what the Catholic church has to do with the price of fish, but there you go.

Greg Tingey said...

Catholic church & the Nazis ....


Euw .....

Greg Tingey said...

I only respond nastily when someone else starts it.
Golden rule modified - see also "prisoners dilemma+memory".

If you make nasty or untrue remarks about me, I am then free to respond in kind, until you learn better manners!

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey: "If you make nasty or untrue remarks about me, "

Nasty? Come on, within the bounds of perfectly polite if robust comment, Well within acceptable bounds of polite discussion and not 'nasty'.

I can be nasty, but almost never bother.

You seem to have adopted the Blair fallacy that anything that a person objects to for whatever reason is 'offensive' and being offensive is the worst possible crime a British subject can commit.

I really can't help it, if in the limited medium of internet comment, your remarks seem to mark you down as a raving leftie. I take your contrary assertion as fact.

Now as to Hitler and the Catholic Church, so what? The Soviets infiltrated the Coptic church, practically ran it for sixty years.

It is the nature of Totalitarian regimes that they seek to infiltrate and co opt non state organizations to their own ends.

Anonymous said...

" Coptic church "

Oops! Apologies to any adherents, of course I meant the ROC.