Saturday, 3 December 2011

Europe trades freedom for comfort

Domestic peace and union were the natural consequences of the moderate and comprehensive policy embraced by the Romans. If we turn our eyes towards the monarchies of Asia, we shall behold despotism in the centre, and weakness in the extremities; the collection of the revenue, or the administration of justice, enforced by the presence of an army; hostile barbarians established in the heart of the country, hereditary satraps usurping the dominion of the provinces, and subjects inclined to rebellion, though incapable of freedom. But the obedience of the Roman world was uniform, voluntary, and permanent. The vanquished nations, blended into one great people, resigned the hope, nay, even the wish, of resuming their independence, and scarcely considered their own existence as distinct from the existence of Rome. (Gibbon, Chapter II)

These first Europeans as a result became soft; avoiding military service, they relied on foreign mercenaries to defend the Empire. Immured in the comfort of trade and modest prosperity they were content to put aside local allegiances and bonds of culture and nation, prepared to unlearn the ancient legends that defined them as separate and distinct peoples, and in the process lost the clarion that would rally them together in their defence. They burned their colours as symbols of superstition. Their identity was further diluted by mass immigration, as every aspirational would-be came to claim a share of the wealth and comfort;

A perpetual stream of strangers and provincials flowed into the capacious bosom of Rome. Whatever was strange or odious, whoever was guilty or suspected, might hope, in the obscurity of that immense capital, to elude the vigilance of the law (Gibbon, Chapter XV)

As a result, Rome fell not after brutal conquest, not after some epochian battle, but with a gentle shove at the border barrier by the barbarians. It was an uncontested walkover. And Europe plunged into its first dark age.  

Next week, much of Europe is set to surrender its sovereignty and democratic freedom in exchange for the mess of pottage that is technocratic rule from Brussels. The prospect of financial hardship has frightened them in a way the unimagined prospect of democratic non-being has not. Comfort has triumphed free will. As slaves they will be fed, housed and cared for, more or less, whereas as free men they would have to fight, struggle and face failure and destitution. There are also many on our Island who would embrace the comfort of slavery over the hardship and uncertainty of freedom. For the sake of our descendants, and in obligation to those our ancestors who have shed a thousand years of blood in defence of our realm, they must not prevail.


Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that the Irish - who fought the British Government for generations in order to win their independence - will put up with it for long.

Fintan O'Toole in The Irish Times is already posing challenging questions about democracy, sovereignty and Irish independence.

When the EU imposes uniform Corporation Tax and the main reason foreign firms base themselves in Ireland disappears, there will be outrage amongst the ordinary people. Somewhere before too long, I think Paddy will be digging up the semtex.

Greg Tingey said...

And as Ambrose E.Pritchard in the "Torygraph" says - the Germans may be the biggest losers.
( As were the Romans, incidentally? )

Tend to agre with Anon, above - we could easily see Ireland rejoining Sterling!

Anonymous said...

Sobering and true.

"... enforced by the presence of an army ..."

Have you noticed how militarised the UK is becoming? Not just the police, but the introduction of the army into civil life.

The powers suggested using it for the riots, then to man immigration queues at airports.

The are acclimatising us. They want us to get used to being 'policed' by the military.

People need to realise that the police, under the Peel doctrine, are there to keep the peace and to investigate criminal activity. The army are trained to kill, acting under martial law where civilians have no rights at all. Not even, it seems, those 'protected' under the Geneva Convention.

The US constitution is very clear about the not allowing the army to 'police' civilians.

We ought to wake up and resits - at all costs. The powers know there will be mass unrest and heaven help us if they use the military to quell it.

We do not live in democratic times.

Span Ows said...

Throughout history the Irish have added much to the British army; also later with ex British soldiers in independence wars around the world. Might come in handy this time around too.

Nick Drew said...

well written, Mr R

Fausty - you are obviously not aware of the powers the US Senate has just voted in order to use their military for 'homeland defence' in ways that are not at all what the Constitution envisaged ... (and much else besides): Posse Comitatus is under serious threat

the strand of 'Irish' thinking above is very interesting

Mr Ecks said...

It seems that this "union' is to be only a half-arsed job. In essence the germans will impose austerity on the rest but won't be ponying up ANY cash at all to finance the rest of Europe. Their largesse will be in the giving of orders as to how impoverished the rest of the euro-mug countries will become.

I think that is a top quality plan for disaster. The whole point of the FISCAL union was that the others traded freedom for german cash. Trading freedom for german ideas of how their country should be run is not a deal even the degenrate populations of this modern age will swallow.

Anonymous said...

Quite right and very well said, here in Britain our individual rights have been stifled and controlled.

Incrementally at first but through stealth and subterfuge, many British folk actually believe we'd be better off under the yoke of the Brussels Klepotracy.
By dumbing down and through a thorough infantilisation of the media allied with pure propaganda from the bbc which has been a fundamental education 'tool'.

The damage is almost irreparable, it is however not too late to reverse this process, via rebalancing [in favour of the individual voter] what is left of our democratic system in order to: regain our nation.

We must.

Oldrightie said...

Cracking post. Makes me feel like I should give up my comparatively puny offerings! I love the idea of Paddy riding to our rescue. Sure beats Merkel!

Anonymous said...

The British soldier would never fire their guns at the (indigenous) British people. They will never be ALLOWED to.
Under the common defense policy they will use British soldiers to subjugate other European citizens and European soldiers to subjugate the British people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anon @19:04. And that's what the Romans did too.

And of course they expect insurrection, they have engineered it. It's the penultimate step in the Communist Plan as Bezmenez (ex-KGB)outlined it for us in the 70s. After the violence/revolution, we can expect "normalisation." That's when we succumb to military rule and colonial absorption.

And the comrades all know this, and think it's perfectly OK.

Anonymous said...

Nick, I am aware of the blatant militarisation in the US - not improved by the unconstitutional 'super congress'. Even the most level-headed of commentators are now publicly saying they'll take up arms to overthrow this tyranny. I hope they're careful though, because it looks as though the powers are ready for that eventuality.

Last week another threshold was crossed in the US, for the American people. Our tipping point occurred when Papandreou and Berlusconi were strong-armed out of office, a few weeksk ago.

Anyway, much the same sort of militarisation and jimmying of the balance of power between people and state has been going on here but under different guises and very much under most people's radar. The British establishment has always been highly discrete and understated while performing conjuring tricks for the circus audience. It knows that you don't catch flies with vinegar.

Greg Tingey said...

Yes, the Rthuglicans are determined to regress the USSA back to before Theodore Roosevelt ....
USA for the super-rich top 0.1% ...