Sunday, 18 December 2011

Luvvies in a lather over livers

At a time of crisis, one can always rely on the nation's luvvies to rally around the cause. In response to unimaginable levels of hostility from the perfidious French following Cameron's snub, a green-room alliance including Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervaise, Bill Oddie and Roger Moore have launched a boycott of foie gras. With an impending downgrade of French AAA status, you may think a fall in goose-liver exports will hardly register in Bercy as an economic threat, but even this minor trade spat could signal the start of the very last thing we need in Europe - a trade war. 

I urge you therefore to get your order in now for the new year; I commend Thomas Maieli's home-made foie gras terrine, best available in London through French Click (no connection). Foie gras, I am told, helps repair the damage caused to your own liver through festive good cheer, and thus can be almost classed as a medicine. Though one to be taken in the English, rather than in the French, manner.  


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