Monday, 19 December 2011

Stilton can't market, er, Stilton

For early risers, this lovely little scoop was claimed by R4's 'Farming Today' this morning. A cheesemaker in the village of Stilton is actually making the traditional cheese of that name - the creamy blue-veined Goddess of British cheese, best taken in scoops from the round with a white Port, to my mind - but cannot market it because the name is protected under EU legislation. Some half dozen dairies in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire nabbed the exclusive right to the name by registering it as a PDO; no cheesemakers in the Cambridgeshire village of Stilton were active at the time. 

Contrary to expectations, this isn't going to provoke an anti-EU rant. PDO status is a Godsend to those of us concerned more with substance than name; I can buy a hard grating cheese exactly equivalent to Parmesan for half the price, likewise for fine sparkling wines made from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay and second-fermented in bottle but not called Champagne, and air cured ham not called Parma. Now I shall doubtless be able to fill the larder with a fine blue-veined cheese not called Stilton. 


Bugsman said...

Many years ago I was a sales rep in E Anglia & E midlands and stopped off in Stilton in the hope of finding some local cheese. I was promptly told where to go (politely) and it was explained to me that the cheese is called Stilton because that was where travellers on the Great North Road purchased products from Leicestershire etc cheesemakers. Well that's what they told me anyway.

Greg Tingey said...

Only just noticed this one?

REAL "Stilton" (Unpastuerised) is called Stichelton now-adays.
And there are several places you can get it .....

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Greg said.

Don't buy the stuff marketed as Stilton these days, it is made from pasteurised milk that actually comes from all over the place (as per rulings from our masters in Brussels, needless to say); it has none of the depth of flavour it used to have and for some reason always seems unpleasantly salty.

Get the real thing made from raw milk and marketed at Stichelton, as Greg says. Not sure about the provenance of the milk, but they are craft people doing things properly, so it's probably OK.

Woodsy42 said...

There is I believe a precedent which worked to foil music corporate contracts. It should be called 'The cheese formerly known as Stilton'

Anonymous said...

I don't eat cheese myself (allergic to the stuff) but I remember the strange case of "Parma Ham" that was Parma ham when purchased by Asda in large Hams but magically became "NOT Parma Ham" when sliced anywere but Parma? I'm off for a lie down and a drink... Port WITHOUT Cheese! TTFN :)

anon anon said...

Oh my. So that's why they've stopped selling it in US Supermarkets.

Actually, I asked them today, and the vendors are being told "They shut it down. The stuff being sold under the name isn't the real thing."

So -- apart from the fact that they may or may not get all righteous about the euSSR's being always right about pasteurization... maybe they'll buy the neu gerryman sounding stuff.
Anyway, they now think I'm completely nuts for hating the euSSR. Why would they care that its parallel practices have done away with my favorite chocolate (Terry's) and the world's favorite airline....?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Market Stilton as "Not Stilton".