Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Corporal works of mercy

The two Romanian gypsy girls had gone down to the Naples tourist beach with a few trinkets, maybe to sell, maybe to provide cover for a morning of purse and wallet thefts. These are tough girls - hanging around London ATMs ready to grab a wad of dispensed cash from the slow and unwary, I've seen them front-down police officers, refuse to move on. But even tough little thieves get hot on an Italian beach; they went to swim, struggled, drowned.

The two nineteen year old lads had travelled together from their village in the Congo, paying down with stolen funds their places on a leaky fishing boat that would get them into Europe. The boat never made it. The bodies of the boys, still together, were washed ashore on a Lampedusa beach. 

What the two incidents have in common is the treatment of the corpses. In both instances these were not only left for many hours on the beaches concerned, but in both instances photos have emerged of holidaymakers getting back to sunbathing and swimming around them. Now I know that depth of field and skilled photography can fool the eye, and those bathers who appear just yards away are probably a hundred feet distant, but the photos don't lie in showing their exposed corpses lying alone and only partially covered, unbarriered and unguarded, with no officer or official respectfully watching over them. 

The care, preparation and burial of the dead is one of the corporal works of mercy that establish our humanity. Let us be shamed that our attitudes to these people in life should not last in death. We are all equal in death. 


Anonymous said...

Let us not kid ourselves, we are only a few strands or genomes different from a barbary ape.

If one visits the caves of Gibraltar, one can see it wasn't so long ago either, that we lived a very similar existence to our introduced 'cousins'.

The veneer of civilisation is thin indeed and religion understands this. Thus it provides for us, strict moral and ethical codes of conduct - but religion and therefore respect is dying in Italy, in England it is the same.

Life is still very, very cheap.

No Christianity, no codes, big nothing and back to the caveman; who is ever there, waiting to be roused, lying somnolent within us.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Anon 0814: I don't agree.

Personally, I don't need a sky-fairy to tell me to treat other people with respect.

Speak for yourself.

Anonymous said...

@Weekend Yachtsman,

Yes, some are good men and who do not need creed.

cuffleyburgers said...

I'm with Weekend on this one - most of the most disgusting atrocities in history have been committed by religious maniacs convinced they were right.

Either them or socialists one stripe or another.

So I'm afraid "Fabian christian" is for me pretty well the epitome of evil...

Anon 2 said...

I say "let's not kid ourselves": we've well-nigh lost the war against communism. That creed requires destruction of the individual. Buried deep under layers of claptrap, the kernel of its non-truth is that strutting homo exists either to dominate or be dominated.

This is evil made manifest. It shows (but does not tell) the "Heart of Darkness."

Judaeo-Christianity defines evil: in terms of the 7 deadlies. Christianity teaches that self-styled homo sapiens cannot achieve perfection while in earth, but that we should resist evil by following the wisdom of the Gospel: with the aid of 7 virtues (strengths).

Honest Christians and non-Christians alike will understand that the Christian path is not easy. They fall by the wayside: who are insincere, or who are so weak as to choose Cupidity over Charity.

The present fashion for judging all Christians by failed models is nothing more than a facile communist -Marxist/Deconstructionist- ploy. The spiritually dead love company; indeed, they revel in their conquests.

That's what the business on the beaches shows. The present-day spiritually dead do not mind the presence of their own kind. Truly, there's comfort in being with other inferiors. Furthermore, there's superiority in experiencing pleasure while still breathing.

Better animals, though - they shy away from inedible or rotting corpses. They experience horror.

Dave said...

It's human nature. The majority of people would baulk at the thought or sight of a corpse therefore the reflex action is to 'not see' what is obvious and fool the mind into thinking all is normal.
This belief (or non-belief) system is seen working in everyday life when people go about their business in total ignorance of the calamity that is about to befall them.

Greg Tingey said...

Given that communism is a classic religion, with its structure and organsation modelled on the RC church, your demented maunderings about judaeo-christianity are just more emtpy claptrap.
All religions kill, and blackmail and torture, or hadn't you noticed?
And they are all lies.

anon 2 said...

Communism inverts Christian structure and organisation, Tinge. It's like a contorted reflection in badly made glass. That's why we recognise it as "AntiChrist."

As for emptiness, a body without a soul is an empty clay pot. If that's all you see in yourself, then inly blindness is your choice.

Oh - and you're wrong about "all religions." It's people gone wrong who do the nasty things. They are failed representatives (a lot like pols); they are the ones who've misinterpreted and/or misapplied the doctrines and the Law.

Geddit? Blame accrues to the feeble-minded, weak-willed, selfish, 'empty' pots of clay. They do not promote the sacred teachings; they promote the aims of AntiChrist-the Enemy.

Please be advised that my conversation with you is at an end. Do feel free to spout the last words: though we already know you cannot imagine what the Word might signify.