Friday, 6 January 2012

HUF makes Budapest even better value

The fall in the HUF from around 350 to around 390 to the £ makes Budapest an even batter value destination for British travellers; EU duty-paid ciggies at HUF 710 a pack now work out at £1.82 and half a litre of beer at HUF 360 £0.92p. Roll on Easyjet's summer schedule rather than the unusable winter departures. 

The Zloty too has fallen from around 5.20 to 5.40, which will stretch spending power.

This is my kind of Europe; floating exchange rates and national currencies, but free movement of goods and open borders to trade. Computerised banking has made the old arguments about the transactional costs of dealing in a multiplicity of currencies redundant.

I'll bet Greece dreams of a floating Drachma ...

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outsider said...

A brilliantly succinct analysis.
On a practical note though, can you suggest times of year to visit Hungary or Poland when Suffolk, say, is not idyllic.