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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Miliband refuses to tell the truth. What's news?

As Miliband's sulky, petulant face stares out at us from the front pages today, a picture of privilege, cosy as a comfortable member of that Political Class so alien to the British people, we learn that he refuses to tell the truth and admit that the Labour party was largely responsible for the basket-case economy that the UK must now bear. Why is this worthy of coverage?

But whilst the Political Class is unwilling to shoulder any of the blame it is doing very well. The economic crisis is leaving MPs untouched  For as long as they blame their chums the Corporates, and as long as the Corporates blame their chums the Politicos all is well for both groups. As Jeremy Warner writes in the Telegraph today  
There is no hardship for those seen to have caused the slump. Bankers and company bosses are paying themselves even more than they were during the boom; the wealth divide continues to widen. Bankers are one thing, but the situation has become equally repellent at many of Britain’s leading companies. Ben Gordon of Mothercare and Manny Fontenla-Novoa of Thomas Cook are just the latest among Britain’s elite of corporate bosses to receive humongous rewards for abject failures in performance. What makes cases like these particularly galling is that the CEOs of publicly listed companies are not, generally speaking, wealth creators, but mere hired guns paid to manage established organisations.
The problem for Miliband is that Labour is the Big State, corporatist, centralist, tractor planning party. Labour can no more embrace Localism than it can reject Rousseau. So we get to look at Miliband's sulky petulant mug instead. Some choice. 


Anonymous said...

Yes Raedwald, it beats me why these people get paid so much to "manage decline", when the obvious thing to do is to sack them.

So really, what needs to happen is for a very odd and rare phenonemon to raise it's ugly head… We need to allow the "markets" to do their work…

The banks, the currencies, the political parties, the utilities all need to be allowed to fail…

No bail outs. Indeed one of your latest hobby horses, is the bail out of political parties, through state funding… it is really vomit inducing stuff, and yet the BBC and the rest of the media just shrug a comfortably coutured shoulder…

What is wrong with us?

Budgie said...

Labour are statists - it's as simple as that.

We do also have a problem of corporatism. Many of the people "at the top" seem to circulate between politics, quangos and business. For example between RBS, its auditors and the FSA.

I have just been researching the whereabouts of directors of a failed company. One is now the MD of a similar co, and another appeared to have been the director of about 50 cos , dozens of which have been dissolved or are in liquidation. How do these people get away with it?.

Anonymous said...

Rewards for failure, that is ultimately: the mark of a society going down into the sewer. When, if the euro goes, we can tear up these idiot contracts.

Miliband is a boy-man, the Peter Pan of Marxist ideology, in the pockets of the Unions, lost in a sea of denial and self loathing.

outsider said...

It amazes me that all parties seem to have an image of the British economy that is 25 years old and are entirely unaware of the almost unrescuable situation we have fallen into.
Messrs Cameron, Cable and Miliband all seem to think that huge incomes are mainly earned by directors of publicly quoted UK companies. Have they never heard of private financial trading companies, hedge funds and private equity? Do they not understand that vast swathes of UK big business have owners in Switzerland, Germany, Spain or even Mexico? Do they think Bombardier is "as British as roast beef"?

In their fantasy world of bestriding the world stage, all three legacy parties seems to think that they can still decide to invest in new UK power sources. In reality, the only power they have is to stop developments and most of the decisions are not even taken in this country. The French government has more real influence over the future of UK power generation than these deluded thespians.

James Higham said...

Just imagine him as PM. No, better not.

John M said...

To anyone who hasn't seen it yet I would recommend seeking out the new edition of Private Eye.

The cover page is the funniest they've done in at least a year. Poor Ed.

cascadian said...

Thank you outsider, you are one of possibly twenty people in the yUK who understands the problems.

Solutions elude everybody.

Gallovidian said...

Alien indeed.

anon 2 said...

Excellent posting and strand: thank you.

So what are we going to do about it? How can we get rid of the whole, sick, alien, lot of them?