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Monday, 9 January 2012

Players and gentlemen

Apologies for the light blogging recently. The demands of work are curtailing even my usual ability to take advantage of each waking hour. At the moment all we most experienced old hands are back to 12 hour days in turning a very challenging corner. It's not without benefit. The HR people have been told to get back into their suite, close the door and keep very quiet. The marketing people are carrying out an inventory of their fonts with orders not to disturb us with silly requests, and the IT people have been told that unless they fulfill our ad-hoc requirements within 48hrs we can implement our own solutions. In other words, managers are back to managing.  It's the very English solution of sending in the gentlemen and bringing on the players when there's a hard job of work to be done. We're back to leadership and skill rather than system and process, flying on manual. And I have to say it's not without some pleasure. 

So please bear with me, as normal service will be resumed just as soon as I accommodate all the demands into a re-organised day.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Is this anything to do with the Olympics perchance?

outsider said...

Invigorating. Any manager, team leader or foreman round the country should be cheering you on.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Managers managing and workers working. So who is ticking boxes, filling in forms and counting beans?

Or is common sense making a comeback?