Saturday, 18 February 2012

Britain's National Socialists

When I have previously catalogued on here the shared ideology between the British left and the Nazi party, an ideology based on racial purity, Eugenics, State control over breeding and marriage and the horror of 'involuntary euthanasia', or State murder, an ideology that persisted in Polly Toynbee's beloved left wing Scandinavian countries into the 1970s with compulsory sterilisation, I'm sure some readers have thought the parallels a little forced. Bernard Shaw wanted to kill the poor with a 'humane lethal gas'; more tellingly he also wanted to rid Britain of Jews, writing to Beatrice Webb he wrote
We ought to tackle the Jewish question by admitting the right of States to make eugenic experiments by weeding out any strains they think undesirable, but insisting they do it as humanely as they can afford to
No doubt also subjecting them to a 'humane lethal gas'. Along with Shaw, the Webbs and HG Wells, even Virginia Woolf was a supporter of State murder; after passing a line of the profoundly mentally ill, she wrote "Imbeciles - every one of them a miserable, ineffective, shuffling, idiotic creature. It was perfectly horrible. They should certainly be killed."

After 1945 and the horror of the extermination camps, the Labour Party quickly performed one of those acts of collective amnesia and wiped all memory of their own National Socialist agenda from the record. Just as that loathsome gulag-apologist Nye Bevan has been resurrected as some sort of saint. But no longer am I alone in daring to say these things, it seems.

Jonathan Freedland writes today in the Guardian that it's time the Labour Party and the British left faced up to their poisonous ideological legacy. Until they do, he implies, the worth of each individual human soul will still be subjugated to a left ideology of collective good;
Progressives face a particular challenge, to cast off a mentality that can too easily regard people as ends rather than means. For in this respect a movement is just like a person: it never entirely escapes its roots.


Dick Puddlecote said...

He talks as if the underlying mentality has changed. It hasn't, of course, in fact it is stronger than ever. This is the reason why progressivism is neatly discarded when Labour approve of eye-watering sin taxes and other illiberal schemes towards lifestyle choices, all of which punish the poor without affecting the well off. The whispered calls for withdrawal of state health care will get louder, until we are at the same kind of place as pre-war socialism, but with the tool being passive denial of approval and care by society instead of open hostility.

Oldrightie said...

If only the hidden dogma of socialist philosophy was more widely understood. It always amazes me how the Toybees, Mandys and Bliars get "filthy rich", together with their TUC bullies and no one bats an eyelid!

Anonymous said...

Explaining 'Fabians Window' to the modern Socialist is a good way of exposing them to the roots of their ideology.

Anonymous said...

I recommend you read The Third Way by Anthony Giddens Raedwald.

Future historians will refer to this book when they try to explain the who and the why and the how about the extinct English race.


Anonymous said...

"that it's time the Labour Party and the British left faced up to their poisonous ideological legacy"

Yes it is time, time to: detoxify and to purge the Socialist poison.

Facing up however - it will not happen will it?

The faces may change and the spin has become more slick, the lies better camouflaged but the moral vacuum central to the ethos of Socialism yet remains and keeping people poor whilst promising the earth is what it [Socialism] is all about.
There are lots of mugs out there willing to believe Labour's lies, until they 'wise up' - Labour and nasty little boys like Balls will thrive, living off taxpayers largesse, peddling their snake-oil toxic utopian socialist panacea.

Socialist ideologues, stuffing their wallets, sniggering at how easy it all is. Don't forget, the high priestess of Nu Liebour, 'mandy', how did he come by an £8 mil' London gaff?

All talk, smoke and mirrors and lashings of 'fragrant grease', the Labour party - champions of the chateratti and leeches riding on the back of the 'working class' and hearts' bleeding - all the way to the bank.

anon 2 said...

Thank you for a very good article, Raedwald.

Yes, those 'modernist' writers (especially the Bloomsbury ones) were a very nasty lot. They hated us, but we kept on buying their books.... and so, their poison.

Anonymous said...

And the 'Liverpool pathway' is what?

Ian said...

The fact that in the 1920s some people on the left argued for eugenics does not mean that all on the left felt the same way, nor does it mean that others on the right were not also supporters of eugenic policies.

The fact that those policies persisted in Sweden through to the 1970s is appalling, but again says nothing about what people on the left think NOW.

There are lots of criticisms to be made of the modern left, but what people like Shaw and the Webbs believed is not one of them.

andy5759 said...

I find Freedman's article strange. He is attempting to distance "modern progressives" from Eugenics. If they (progressives) are determined to take us down the Agenda 21 route then a massive reduction in global human population will be essential. Why is he bringing this up now? Could it be a ploy to reopen debate? If it is we will need to be on our mettle to win the debate.

Peter Melia said...

The Liverpool Pathway, in answer to Anonymous (22.49) is (quote)
:-Does the Liverpool Care Pathway Hasten Death?
An estimated 20,000 patients die each year while receiving care under the Liverpool Care Pathway, (LCP), which prohibits a blanket policy of administering artificial nutrition and hydration to those assessed as “dying” and states that doing so is “ethically indefensible and in the case of patients lacking capacity is prohibited under the Mental Health Act.” Following widespread application of the LCP, relatives of many hospital, nursing home and residential care patients have watched in horror as their loved ones are kept under sedation and food and fluids are withdrawn.

However, the LCP has been recommended by the Department of Health as the best model for care of the dying and is deemed by many medical experts to have achieved its aim of improving care in the last hours and days of life. It was drawn up by Marie Curie to try to reduce suffering. However, some families will doubtless believe that it might sometimes increase suffering. It involves assessments of the likelihood of death in patients deemed to be terminally ill in hospitals, nursing and residential homes. Where doctors and nurses agree that the patient will not recover, they can stop medications and intravenous drips and withdraw food and fluids. The patient may also be kept under sedation until death.
Is it good or bad?
You, Anonymous 22.49, must decide for yourself

Anonymous said...

the liverpool so called care pathway. has been published by three national newspapers, the mail, the times and telegraph, all three condem its starvation dehydration and syringe driven morphine and other drugs which heavilly sadate the patient, so their is no chance of any recovery, its certain death, a number of patients whos relatives got them to take them of it did live on,its all down to bed blocking and saving money by killing them. very disgusting and inhumane, for the poor souls.

Anonymous said...

to peter melia, the answer from me is that its the most horrible way to be taken out of this world, and by the way the health service obviously will recomend the lazarus pathway, why because its the cheaper option, stops bed blocking saves them money but does not help patients who want to live even some terminal still wish to live and see there children, until such time that god says its time to go, not by back door euthanasia which is being implemented to save blood money, okay.

Anonymous said...

if we bring back capital punishment i dont think its so cruel has the liverpool cameron pathway, it would save money quicker and make the nazi bankers richer, think about it conservatives, instead of wasting morphine you only need a rope.

Anonymous said...

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