Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Burby and the Sultan

The Telegraph claims an exclusive this morning in reporting alleged threats to the Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions amongst others to prevent the airing of a litany of allegations of misdoing catalogued by Mark Burby against the ex-wife of 'an Asian Head of State' whom one may fairly assume to be the Sultan of Brunei from Burby's previous dealings. The Sultan has two ex-wives; Pengiran Isteri Hajah Mariam, divorced in 2003, and Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, divorced in 2010. Any reference to either of them as 'Asian babes' should be discouraged. The evidence in question is in the chapter headed 'Mark Burby - supplementary evidence' in this document.

Not of course that you'll find any of the details above in the Telegraph's report. The press are still wary of m'learned friends. So one has to tackle these things as one does the Telegraph crossword, then with a supplementary 'google'. It takes most folk about five minutes. It's a bit like those part-baked rolls one can buy in the supermarket, or tinned croissants. Hey ho.


Anonymous said...

Blimey Radders, you're beginning to sound like me - fitful and full of quiet rage.
Ellis is just ambitious, he could be in the Labour party or Limp dims - they're all chameleon-like and self aggrandizing lick-spittles at that.

We should not be surprised, anyway Ellis wothisface really should get himself over to the Brussels [Dave's HQ] - that's where a**e licking really gets you places and into real power.

Anonymous said...

Louise Mensch is another example of the modern principle free politician.

Half the stuff she comes out with is straight out of the Labour bullshit bingo book, and she would happily be a Blair babe.

These professional politicians with zero integrity will be the fucking death of us.

Mike Cunningham said...

Surely the question which now should be asked is simply one which asks if we have any notion of free speech left in this benighted Nation of ours at all?

When an elderly man is harassed and oppressed because he asked a simple, frivolous query at a 'security' check at Gatwick, the lengths which the 'offended' brigade will go to have been exposed.

The notices stacked all around the entrances to every airport warning that free speech will simply not be tolerated are yet more evidence that we cannot voice what is in our minds without an avalanche of disapproval descending upon us!

We need a document which clearly states that if somebody is 'offended' the average Briton is able to state, categorically, that he or she could not bloody care less!