Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Have at you, Gaston!

The Englishman's Castle picks up on a story from the Scotsman in which the Jimmy Reid Foundation complains that too many of Scotland's £9bn a year of infrastructure construction contracts are let to firms outside Scotland. This is, of course, an EU requirement for all contracts over £4m - that any EU firms can bid for public contracts, which the vast majority of these infrastructure contracts are. Does this signal cracks in Scotland's commitment to EU membership? Or just, as the Englishman proposes, an imperfect understanding of economics?


Quiet_Man said...

Jimmy Reid is a former trade unionist of the left, I suspect he has no real concept of economics or EU regulations simply a basic understanding that money comes from shaking the money tree and you spend it on stuff you want.

Greg Tingey said...

Not even that, it's just a bit of Glaskie whinging .....

Barnacle Bill said...

I think it shows the madness of EU tendering policy. Where a government cannot even use it's own spending power to support local industries in times of need.
Okay it may mean slightly higher costs but these would be offset by keeping workers in jobs locally.
A fair trade-off in these dark times for employment.

I know talking to our Poles they're all pissed off at the amount of Chinese working on contracts in their homeland!

I met Jimmy Reid, whilst we would never have been in agreement on a lot of things, I admired the man.
Don't forget his "work-in" at the Clyde shipyards.
Something I don't think you'll ever see Bob Crow et al ever proposing, let alone enacting!

formertory said...

@ QM - as a matter of interest, Jimmy Reid is deid.

As for "work going out of Scotland", it's just a political device to get the weegies worked up again. They love feeling downtrodden. It's not substantially different to the whinging some English do about "the death of manufacturing" and "exporting jobs" when in fact, manufacturing has never been a bigger earner within the economy.

If you think the Scots whine now, just wait until you see how they'll whine when they get independence. Every setback will be the work of the English. I for one will be moving out.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The latter.

The Scots will for ever be enthusiastic Europhiles, for the same reason they're enthusastic about anything - because the English are against it.

Mr Ecks said...

Read the "A Place to Stand" blog which details mind-boggling levels of corruption in Scotland.

Quiet_Man said...

@ Barnacle Bill, oddly enough I've met Bob Crow, was with him on a Trade Union trip to the former East Germany in the early 80's.

You're pretty much spot on with your work in comment.

andy5759 said...

He sounds just like young Dave, he says he is going to "do" something, or "look into" something. Later it transpires that it is not in Parliament's powers to do anything at all. The powers have all been shipped to Brussels. Let's build the gibbets now.