Friday, 2 March 2012

African aminism strains police & welfare

The conviction this week of the Congolese savages who tortured and killed their 15 year old nephew is just the latest in a litany of the appalling abuse of some African children by their extended families. Here in  London the Thames is swimming in the dismembered body parts of young black children, slaughtered in either magic ritual or witchcraft hysteria. Africans may describe themselves as Christian or Moslem, but read Christian-animist and Moslem-animist. For beneath the surface the figure of Christ on the cross has just replaced the village fetish, with the remainder of their primitive beliefs intact. Nor is this confined to the poorest and most ill-educated; when the Ghanaian Minister of Transport visited the site of a rail crash with fatalities, he still poured a libation of palm wine to appease the spirits of the dead before attending a modern press call at which he promised the inevitable 'full inquiry'.

Whilst primitive 'Christian' pastors may whip their congregations into a tribal frenzy of witch-fear, the same congregation will afterwards visit the ju ju man for foul potions and tokens to bring wealth, love, fertility or smite enemies. Our local ju ju man has even discovered the power of advertising (but remains ignorant of advertising standards) - the photocopied slip that drops through my letter box every month or so promises he can cure 'cancer, impotence, belly disease, ankles and infertility'. And when misfortune visits an African family, as is seems to do often to these benighted people, they are as likely to believe it the result of a curse as just bad luck. The witch doctor is too powerful to go after, so some innocent like Kristy Bamu gets the blame.

Greg will blame 'faith' in general, but it's deeper than that. It's part of the African psyche. In Mozambique Africans brought up on nothing but dialectical Marxism will still see the spirit of Fredrich Engels in an Owl. Ten thousand years of cultural conditioning can no more be removed by Marxism than by Christianity. Let's at least be grown up enough to recognise it. 


Anonymous said...

I may well recognise it for what it is (barbarism) but that does not in any way mean, or even hint, that I want to tolerate this in my land. My MD in the 1980s had an expression of working culture that he expected as a minimum standard in his organisation - and he called it FIFO - which many mistook for some accounting terminolgy. It actually means Fit In Or F*ck Off.

Coney Island

Tarka the Rotter said...

I'm absolutely outraged by stories such as this and would agree with anonimous above, I do not want these things happening in my land. I want to know, from the powers that be, how people capable of such cruelty contribute to 'the rich diversity of multicultural Britain.' I feel a growing sense of despair...

Greg Tingey said...

Damn right I will.
Oh do come on!
Exodus XX,18 has a lot to answer for.
How recently were we burning / drowning / otherwise murdering "witches"?
In a christian tradition, after all.
See NOTE, below...

The US-based christian church just around my corner would doubtless agree, since they claim the bioble is "inerrant" (!)

Your claim of diakectical MArxism is bollocks, Readwald, and you should know better.
( Particulalrly as communsm is a classic religion, anyway )

As always, the answer to this sort of irrationality is EDUCATION.

1] The Kirkcudbright Burgh Treasurer's accounts for the burning of Elspeth McEwen from Dalry, condemned as a witch in 1698. .....
2] Janet Horne, 1727, Dornoch - burnt.

Anonymous said...

I too deplore this kind of behaviour… Murder is murder after all.

But like Greg Tingey above, these African "beliefs" are not much different to some of the beliefs and practises carried out by Christians and Moslems in the name of their superstitions.

Whatever the basis of a given religion, they inevitably fall into the hands of men, and mostly the men that might also be politiciians in modern society. In other words, these are men (politicians in frocks) that have an agenda, one of control and power over their fellow man.

It's not religion or spirituality, it is the men that want to make their mark within it, after all some of the most vicious sociopaths of the 20th century were atheists….

Honestly, there is nothing new under the sun.

JuliaM said...

"Here in  London the Thames is swimming in the dismembered body parts of young black children, slaughtered in either magic ritual or witchcraft hysteria..."

One. One known case. Let's not give in to hysteria ourselves, eh?

Anonymous said...

I meant to add to the comment above, that in this case, the men (speaking generically) involved are even stupider than poiticians, they committed murder with torture, and there didn't even appear to be a purpose, or an advantage to be gained.

This is the sort of thing that happens when really stupid people are in thrall to the slightly less stupid politician (or minister).

Mr Ecks said...

"An it hurt none do what thou wilt"

I don't care how "primitive" the beliefs of these people are. The can libate(sic--is that a word?)enough palm wine to fill the Thames--so long as they hurt no one. Chopping people up is a no-no and the noose should answer it rapidly.
As for Mr Tingey's arrogant pronouncements that EDUCATION will relieve people of their "irrationality" anybody who thinks that they have any chance of forcibly "educating" me out of my beliefs will be embarking on their eternity of oblivion much sooner than anticipated.

FrankS said...

As Greg Tingey points out, we English used to burn witches (as did the Scots, going by his examples).
But the point is, we no longer do. So I don't see why our condemnation should be muted.
I don't believe that this particular atrocity was motivated by superstition. It was a just a convenient excuse that this psychopath seized on.

Anonymous said...

GT: "How recently were we burning / drowning / otherwise murdering "witches"?"

BUT .. WE .. DON'T .. DO .. IT .. ANY .. MORE.

Anonymous said...

"As always, the answer to this sort of irrationality is EDUCATION."

Education by whom, is the question.

Don Cox

G. Tingey said...

Some christians (& muslims & others) would LURVE to be able to do it again.
Because they are stupid, gullible and uneducated.

anon 2 said...

GT refuses to admit that the "Christians" against whom he rages so wildly are those who mis-read and mis-take the doctrines.

Perhaps GT's RI teachers were themselves imperfect, or perhaps (God forbid) GT himself has a flaw or two in his perceptual equipment: my instructors always taught that fallibility is the human condition. That is to say, no Christian achieves perfection; only our model was ever thus.

My RI teacher taught the same as other theologians I respect: that the Old Testament tells (and shows) how God works to lead His people out of such darkness and into light.

However, then as now, the people persist(ed) in being as stiff-necked as GT himself. They refuse(d) to believe, to see, or to hear. Instead, they "twist and shout" their interpretation of Truth.

Through hosts such as Raedwald, God allows the proud and the angry that right: because 'they know not what they do.'

The same applies to the others you speak of, Radwald. However, what remains of British culture, the fruits of British history, and the bais of British Law, could yet stand to assist their transition from the Palaeolithic stage. That is, if we still have the character to maintain the standards we evolved.

anon 2 said...

:basis" - sorry.

Greg Tingey said...

oh dear
Anon2 very obviously has never read, or has not remembered his "bible"
I don't "rage against christians"
I am profundly annoyed with people who continue to be gullible enough to continue to believe in ANY BigSkyFairy
REMINDER - I was brought-up evangelical CofE.
I now know a lot better, but he/she clearly does not.

No "god" => no "devil" => no "evil spirits" => no witches
There, that simple enough for even him/her to follow?

anon 2 said...

The image is sublime: if it weren't tragic it'd be funny.

If GT sees no evil in his perfect and God-free world....

One wonders: However has he arrived at his age without witnessing even one eighth of the depths to which the (in)human psyche descends? Goodness only knows what he thinks he's looking at when he turns to other post-modern media.

Possibly the pity induced by his innocence has protected him for so long; in the 'real world' people may also give him a wide berth on account of his tantrums.

PS: May I record, for this collection of electro-chemical reactions, that there are no fairies in my garden, or in any sky I've ever seen (and I've seen a goodly share of skies). As far as I know, fairies are a froggish sort of concept, put about by the likes of GT. Again, these elderly children obviously never listened properly in their RI classes. Perhaps they were busy perusing Rackham, Grimm, or other picture books.

Raedwald, I apologise for getting into this nonsense on your blog. The mewler shall indulge his fury, hereafter, without response from me.

Men ne cunnon
secgan to soðe, selerædende,
hæleð under heofenum, hwa þæm hlæste onfeng.
(B 51-3)

Greg Tingey said...

Has agin quite deliberately ascribed words and thoughts and emotions to me that I have never uttered.
What perfect world?
What absence of evil and cruelty?

There are far too much of both around.
One of those evils is religion.

And I would remind his moronic illterate self, since I've said so, many times ...
That I'm an escaped christian.
I am only too familiar with the lies and blackmail of the church(es)

Or perhaps anon2 would like to agree with Luther.
Here is the quote:

Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed.
Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and ... know nothing but the word of God.
Reason is the Devil's greatest whore; by nature and manner of being she is a noxious whore; she is a prostitute, the Devil's appointed whore; whore eaten by scab and leprosy who ought to be trodden under foot and destroyed, she and her wisdom ... Throw dung in her face to make her ugly. She is and she ought to be drowned in baptism ... She would deserve, the wretch, to be banished to the filthiest place in the house, to the closets.

How nice!