Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Another Cameron U turn

The utter disregard of respect for anyone's private property but their own led Labour MPs in the Rotten Parliament to pass a raft of laws allowing a plethora of minor State functionaries the right to break down your front door. Every semi-literate prodnose in the country it seemed who could painfully complete a short form in block caps could take a hammer to your dwellinghouse on suspicion you may have a bootleg DVD, or had been feeding garden birds crumbs from a domestic kitchen, or a Nike trainers box was visible from the street in contravention of the Olympics Act.

Cameron of course promised a bonfire of Labour's prodnose laws. And like many of his other promises, it's a crock. The Government's Protection of Prodnoses Freedoms Bill does nothing to reverse any of these powers. It does, however, allow inverts to wed at 3am if they wish, no doubt making Brighton just a little more like Las Vegas, and offers full pardons for any convicted for consensual same-sex sex. Too late of course for John Gielgud and it wouldn't apply anyway, his offence being 'persistently importuning' in a public toilet, but Alan Turing would have been forgiven had he not killed himself with cyanide at the unbearable shame. Whilst ending the persecution and public humiliation of good men for their private consensual sexual peccadillos is undoubtedly a very good thing and deserves our support, I really wish Cameron would display the same regard for the rest of us.  


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"feeding garden birds crumbs from a domestic kitchen"

Did Nu Lab make that illegal?

I had no idea; neither does anyone else, fortunately, so it continues as it always did.

Barnacle Bill said...

Perhaps instead of calling him Cast Iron we should re-name him Whirling Dervish Dave?

Raedwald said...

It's actually only illegal if you cook, store or process animal meats, fats or products in the kitchen, or if the 'catering waste' from your domestic kitchen has been in contact with such materials. It also includes used cooking oil. OK if you're totally vegan, I guess.

Oh, and that ham rind I hang up for the tits? That could earn me a fine and / or jail time as well.

Anon 2 said...

I really wish someone would show Cameron the nature of our regard for him.

James Higham said...

Not only does it do nothing but it gets in the way of actual freedom laws which could do something.