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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blogging - What a difference a year makes

Just looking at the Wikio politics blog rankings - now rebranded as ebuzzing - I was struck by just how fluid the blog market is. It wasn't that long ago that the top two spots, month after month, year after year, were occupied by Iain Dale and Guido. Now Guido's down to 7th place and Iain's 'mega blog' at 59th is closer to me than the top 10. I continue to bounce around the 70s / 80s usually and I'm told that you (collectively) are 45 - 65 and male. 

Nice to be among friends ..


Woodsy42 said...

Now wait for the cries of outrage that too many bloggers are men and a system will be introduced to increase the percentage of femail bloggers :-)

Richard said...

You must be doing something right then, I'm 71

Darsalon said...

36 and male. But I'm of a similar mindset to you and enjoy your musings Raedwald

Tarka the Rotter said...

55 and male, and yes you are amongt friends - read you every day and enjoy every word.

John M said...

Well it's no surprise that Mrs Dale's blog tanked is it.

First he got bored and started telling everyone so

Then he just stuffed his blog every day with plugs with his LBS show

Then he said he was closing it down. And did.

And now he's lost out on a string of attempts to get selected, he's got nothing to say (and neither have his mates)

I'm amazed anyone visits at all quite frankly.

Ed P said...

Dale's blog went from mildly informative to boring and irrelevant when he "updated" it.
Looking at the Fabian scum near the top of the list, who'd want to be up there?
I'm boringly 60 & male

Anon 2 said...

Frankly, I don't know why anyone believes these measure-makers. To start with, they're european -- that defines them as incompetent and incapable, not to mention corrupt.

Why, even their introductory paragraph is so badly written as to be incomprehensible: so by what standards can they presume to judge others?

I looked at their lists and still have no idea what they think they're doing. For example, what sane person would place you below Alex Massie? [He's at 38, and he's definitely not among the best bloggers, even at what now passes for the Speccie].

DeeDee99 said...

I'm female and I'm not telling you my age, except it's within the age range you mentioned.

I read a limited list of regular blogs and yours is most definitely on it.

Please keep posting - it's quality that counts not the number of hits you get.

Anonymous said...

It's a great and respected blog, I read it.

You're all right for a South Sax', me - I came over in the Saxon boats and we liked it here oop north [it's not all Danes here you know, spoiled the accent a bit], so we stayed.

PS, have you heard from Hereward - what's he up to now?

attack on Iran said...

Woodsy 42 is spot on. Quotas and diktats from our government overlords will soon be added for the following categories I expect:

1) Women bloggers
2) Asian bloggers
3) Afro Caribbean bloggers
Jihadist bloggers who want to destroy Britain (after all, wouldn't to take their freedom of speech now would we)

agricultural investments said...

Fuck all, sounds like the blogging market is more volatile then the stock market. At least its not being controlled by the City and manipulated to their advantage (right, right?)

Anonymous said...

Why or how do they decide your readers are a particular age or sex? What a load of cobblers!!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Anon 2220 said.

Rossa said...

Totally agree with Anon. Read your blog nearly every day. Female in same age group as yourself and my Mum reads you too....a wee bit older as you'd expect.

outsider said...

It was pretty predictable (at least to me) that the Conservative blogs that dominated before the election would give way in popularity to Labour blogs because we all like a moan and the party-in-power's blogs tend to be tediously defensive and self-justifying.
Good to see independents such as yourself, Cranmer (and also the frustrated John Redwood)showing you are worth reading in all weathers.