Sunday, 11 March 2012

Christus regnat, Christus imperat

It's perhaps fortunate for Cameron that his mucky attempt to support a ban on the wearing of the crucifix at work will not be binding on the Sovereign. The opening of Parliament would look infinitely less rich if the Queen were to wear a baseball cap, say, in place of the crown.  For at its apex is a ball, representing the world. Above that is a cross. The motif is repeated in the Orb of State. The message is clear enough; Christ reigns above the temporal authority of the sovereign. The crown, and the cross, are ubiquitous in our society; on postboxes, in courts of law, on the helmet plates of police officers, on the rank insignia of officers of field rank or above, on regimental and naval crests, on our debased coinage. Our gallantry awards are crosses. The flag of England is Christ's cross. The symbolism is anchored deep in our national psyche, but hardly anyone notices it.

Ban the tiny gold crucifix worn by many Christians including soldiers in battle and you deprive them of the succour of the faith in the event of unexpected death - the reason many wear one. It's display tells the emergency services or the triage nurse that an ordained priest may be summoned, to administer extreme unction to Catholics; penance, anointing and Viaticum ('provision for the journey'). The anointing with oil echoes the anointing of a new Sovereign at the coronation, and for the same reasons.  

I suppose Cameron could cause all those devout nurses and airline clerks to have the crucifix tattooed on their breastbone instead, but surely even Dave can't be this crass?


Anonymous said...

OK, so we haven't moved on after Labour. This coalition is a disaster. The reduction of this country to a bland medium grey vanilla flavoured smoothy is being carried on long after Harman was kicked out. Same shit, different bucket.

However, they clearly have no idea why the "Icthys" (the symbol that looks like a fish) came about. And equally no idea why people cross their fingers when wishing something would / would not happen.

The mainstream parties are a feckin waste of time; its UKIP for me next time around. If we still have general elections by then.

Coney Island

Anon 2 said...

Given the congenital bone disorder that runs in Camoron's family, for a while I wondered if he were connected with the line of Ivar the Boneless.

But it can't be! Ivar was renowned for his brain and his ability to think strategically ... good chess-player, apparently. In contrast, Camoron's mentally deficient. Can't even spell his own name.

With that given, he won't realise the extent to which all work places are underpinned by crosses, or even identified by them. [Mind you, I expect the ultimate plan is to change all place names, as well as to destroy the language].

Meanwhile we have our ways: my covered thumb outlines a cross on my forehead right under their noses. We can habitually sit under the cross made by a window design. We can cross our arms or legs; wear clothes with designs that emphasise the inescapable nature of woven threads; knot scarves and ties; or merely stretch out our arms: laterally or X-wise. So long as we do it all consciously and often, he loses.


Come to think of it... how about a demo or two near the haunts of politicos: let silent Xians, stand, arms outstretched. Thus symbolising the Word, we needn't speak a syllable.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, what you speak of, it is called deculturalization.

The Fabian seeks to render all unto two dimensions: breadth and width. That way may you be measured for your liabilties (as a taxpayer) and usefulness (as a slave to the system).

Your character, who you are and that which equates to your depth, will be crushed flat. There will be no third dimension under a Fabian sky.

That is your future.


G. Tingey said...

Oh please grow up!

I am a fervent monachist (The idea of Pe=resident Blair horrifies me ...)
But, sorry
The is NO BigSky Fairy
Time to stop believing in Santa Clause ....

You seem to think that christianity is "nice"
Well, you have obviously neither read the bible, nor studied history.
Time to grow up, again.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

G Tingey, you are being too literal.

It doesn't matter whether you actually and precisely believe in the big guy with the white beard - probably most people haven't, through the ages.

What DOES matter is that these comfortable myths are part of our history and our being; until very recently we were all brought up on them practically with our mothers' milk, and they were an integral part of what made us a nation and gave us pride and coherence.

THAT is what the unspeakable collectivist multiculti bastards are trying to do away with, and that is why it's vital that they don't get away with it.

G. Tingey said...

Weekend Yahctsmam
NOT EVEN WRONG I'm afraid.

Look at dangerous idiots like Warsi and the Pope (any pope) or the Taliban or St Dominic (euw) ... etc.
Not good enough.
We really don't need any of this shit.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, when you hate so much you don't care what you bust in the process, you have adopted the Grauniadista mind set.

G. Tingey said...

What hate?
I leave that to the religious - they are SO GOOD at it.
Contempt, yes.
Ridicule, yes.
Disguist, especially, particularly when it comes to lives wrecked and ended by the religious in the name of their "holy cause".

Or haven't you noticed?

James Higham said...

Cameron and his henchman Featherstone have bitten off more than they can chew this time.