Friday, 16 March 2012

Eastern sore spots (2)

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban will not have endeared himself to the comrades in the Berlaymont this week; he said
We do not need the unsolicited assistance of foreigners wanting to guide our hands, we are more than familiar with the character of unsolicited comradely assistance, even if it comes wearing a finely tailored suit and not a uniform with shoulder patches.

Hungarians will not live as foreigners dictate, will not give up their independence or their freedom, therefore they will not give up their constitution either. Freedom means that we decide about the laws governing our own life, we decide what is important and what isn't. From the Hungarian perspective, with a Hungarian mindset, following the rhythm of our Hungarian hearts. We will not be a colony. In 1848 we said that we should tear down the walls of feudalism and we were proven right. In 1956, we said we have to crack, we have to break the wheels of communism and we were proven right. Today also, they look at us with suspicion. European bureaucrats look at us with distrust today because we said: we need new ways. We said we have to break out of the prison of debt and we also declared that Europe can only be made great again with the help of strong nations. You will see my dear friends that we will be proven right yet again.

We have with us the silently abiding Europe of many tens of millions, who still insist on national sovereignty and still believe in the Christian virtues of courage, honour, fidelity and mercy, which one day made our continent great. As a thousand-year-old European nation we have one demand. We demand equal standards for Hungarians. As a European nation we demand equal treatment. We will not be second-class European citizens.


DeeDee99 said...

I hope Barosso, Rumpuy and all their minions are sleeping uneasily in their beds. The nations of Europe are starting to speak out and resist the EU's slow motion coup d'etat.

Ed P said...

The Euronazis in Brussels & Berlin are not going to like it. If only spineless Cameron would stand up for Britain like that...

Weekend Yachtsman said...


All we need now is someone who'll say much the same thing but with Great Britain instead of Hungary - and mean it.

cuffleyburgers said...

@ W. Y.

"and mean it" - these bastards no longer mean anything they say. We know that and they know we know, and we know they know we know etc.

However they don't give a shit.

ANd that is why they must be overthrown. The whole political class needs a clear out, and the political culture, some how, has to change.

Greg Tingey said...

Except of course he is DELIBERATELY LYING ...
"Christian virtues of courage, honour, fidelity and mercy,"
LIAR - especially if we are talking about the Kinder, Kirche, K├╝che values of the RC church which his Iron Arrow substitute party represents.
Mercy - from the owners of the ODS & the inquisition.
What's that?

What he means is that we want our OWN persecution set-up, not yours.

A pox on all their houses

Anonymous said...

All of which begs the question, why TF did Hungary join this blasted club in the first place?

Were they lied to by their own corrupt elite?

Just like the elite here in Britain. 'Our gilded elite' and their political patsies - who inveigled the British who dragged kicking and screaming were made to bow and shackled to the carriage driven by the corrupt filth - the Burghers of the Brussels mafiosi.

Elby the Beserk said...

Quite so - but if that is the case, how come Hungary meekly joined the EU, Mr. Orban?

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have a link to the speech Raedwald.

Funnily enough I do think that our friend Orban is suited to the EU project.

Anonymous said...

And as our largest insurer Prudential slips its UK moorings to sail off to Asia, we can thank our friends at Berleymont for losing us £20Bn of tax revenues each year.

Coney Island

Elby the Beserk said...

For the Creationist

Greenland was 6 degrees warmer than now in the MWP, farmed and settled by the Vikings.

Yet the planet survived.

Yes. I know. Greenland is melting now and will DROWN THE WORLD unless Al Gore saves us

No it is not

You need to do some homework, Creationist. Reality and you are forming an ever wider gap.