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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

LOCOG Crass Cultural Illiteracy

So you're organising a truly international event that will attract tens of thousands of foreign visitors and training volunteers to provide visitor hosting services. Who do you get to train them? Why, a bigoted, blinkered, small-minded, moronic, untravelled, deeply ignorant, vacuous, addle-brained, culturally illiterate fathead of course. 

'a huge diversity of gay couples at the Olympics'

Part of the training package includes the question 'You're at the Olympic stadium, volunteering at the London Games. Someone complains to you that two men are holding hands. It is making them feel very uncomfortable. What do you do?' The correct answer according to LOCOG is 'explain that there is huge diversity (sic) of people at the London 2012 Games, which includes gay, lesbian and bisexual couples'

My Malaysian businessman mates, aggressively heterosexual, used to cause me some embarrassment  when they reached for my hand to hold on the street. It was, and is, of course a huge gesture of trust and friendship for which I am deeply honoured. Male hand holding is culturally extremely common not only in Asia but in Africa and particularly amongst Arabs. I suspect that not a few Wahhibi moslems will be deeply insulted this morning at being officially designated gay by LOCOG. 

If this kind of unpardonable gaffe is a foretaste of the organisational disaster to come, I shall be laughing my nadgers off this Summer. Locog chief executive Paul Deighton received a total package of £699,998 in 2010-11, including a £220,125 bonus. His chairman Lord Coe was paid £357,000. Calling the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia queer? Priceless.


JuliaM said...

"If this kind of unpardonable gaffe is a foretaste of the organisational disaster to come..."

*gets popcorn*

Oldrightie said...

It is and will be!

Greg T ingey said...

Crooked load of crypto-fascsit crawlers.
No-one seems to realise how much LOCOG & the IOC are hated in London.
We are having to PAY for this shit that was wished on us, we have to put up with the inconveniences, and no-one asked us at all.
The national policios assumed that we were in favour, because it's "sport"

Anonymous said...

The '48 Games was a shining example of the Olympic ideal.

No politics

No corporate greed

No drugs

Yes there was a 'Golden Age', Francis Maude, when we were one People in these Islands we could do great things with very little.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous - you left out 'no money'

outsider said...

Yes. As a young man I recall walking arm in arm with male friends if not hand in hand. I would not dare do this today because the marketing men have decided this would be gay or "metrosexual". And as for painting watercolours...

And is it really likely that anyone would complain about handholding? A question on snogging (whatever the genders) might be more interesting.

Anonymous said...

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