Sunday, 4 March 2012

Politicians too scared to emerge?

The photo below, published in the Mail, shows the crowd who flung eggs and worse at France's most unpopular politician, President Sarkozy, in Bayonne. The terrified little man was forced to hide in bar protected by riot police until he could emerge safely.

England, too, has a long history of disrespect that made the streets unsafe for those loathed by the crowds. In the eighteenth century the coaches of the wealthy could hardly cross central London without having their windows put in by stones - indeed, on one occasion even the King's coach was attacked by the mob, the King himself showered with broken glass. Gillray correctly satirised the incident as an attack on the (coach of) State, being driven over the broken body of Britannia through a storm of missiles flung by an angry crowd

And now again the political class are becoming too scared to emerge amongst the public. Unless you live in one of the key marginal constituencies, you won't see a politician at all at election time. The cabinet and shadow cabinet attend only carefully staged events with supporters and news cameras present. Studio audiences are carefully vetted and managed. Dissenters are excluded from party events. The political class is as insulated as Ceausescu from public anger, living in a make-believe parallel world created by the spin masters and marketeers. When they slip up, and the wrath of the public communicates itself to them, we see incidents like the French President fleeing in terror in Bayonne last week.


DeeDee99 said...

After Brown's 'duffing up' by Mrs Duffey over immigration during the last GE campaign, you can bet the Party Campaign Managers will do even more to insulate their Leaders and prime spokesmen from the ungrateful serfs who pay their wages.

Greg Tingey said...

Like every politician of every party continue to push the deliberate lie that the "olympics" are popular and wanted.
WHich is why, presumably, any form of even peacful protest against this fascism will get you jail (if you are lucky)

Anonymous said...

In the UK our particular mistake was to start to pay MPs.

Yes, I know there were good reasons for doing this but the result has been to insulate them from us.

Overall a bad thing.

Andy said...

If more politicians were subject to such treatment the bastards might actually start listening to the people.

Anonymous said...

We live in a dangerous age. The "let them eat cake" attitude of politicians, especially those in Europe is becoming dangerous.....for them.

Coney Island

anon 2 said...

The British traitors must also have some sense of our discontent. Why else would they make us pay for their bodyguards and armoured cars?[cf Daily Mirror report, 19/12/10]

Anonymous said...

"If more politicians were subject to such treatment the bastards might actually start listening to the people."

Or more likely shooting the people.


Dave_G said...

They know the general publics' feelings.
They just don't CARE.
They have their agenda and they are going to implement it.

Anonymous said...

If you want mob rule dont complain when it is you for the guillotine.