Thursday, 1 March 2012

Swedish flatpack interrogation suite

"Spring is here and time to change and reinvent yourself; our complete range of interrogation suite products will give you the best of Scandinavian design, whether you're a rookie waterboarder or an experienced secret policeman;

The Ådolf bench - made from finest beech veneered particle board with tie-points for wrists and ankles; warranted resistant to blood and body fluids, complete with our Jösef rubber hoses in a range of bright colours  

The Hædrich posture stool, perfect for maintaining comfort and muscle tone during those long surveillance shifts in cramped spaces, covered in a range of three wetpruf fabrics - Hermann, Albert and Hans

In the picture:- The Eva toy bear that cleverly hides a miniature spycam, the Franz microphone made to look like a friendly daffodil, Rudolf candles with Ernst heatproof tongs - perfect for holding a suspect's arm over the flame - and the Erich acid bath, for getting rid of unwanted matter in a hygienic Scandinavian way

Don't let your torture suite stay chintzy this Spring! Spring into life with our Guantanamo Range!"

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Anonymous said...

It is actually hilarious to think the clean cut Swedes are up to this sort of stuff. Blimey, we'll be linking IKEA to Eugenics next...

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