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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Why the Guardian fears UKIP

That unreliable and bankrupt little agitprop rag the Guardian, which shares with Ken Livingstone the characteristic of condemning tax avoidance whilst making full use of avoidance mechanisms itself, plumbed new depths today in a comment piece equating UKIP, the EDL and the BNP as part of a shared 'armed rising' fantasy. 

Your average UKIP member is hitting seventy, but still natty in Polyester blazer and golf club tie. The old petrol Suffolk Punch cylinder mower is proving a bit too heavy these days, what with the prostate and all, so he's recently swapped for a lightweight flymo. His stringback driving gloves and  Dunn & Co trilby sit on the hall table with the keys for the Rover and a framed photo taken during his term as President of the local Rotary Club. Frankly, the idea of the old boy armed with an assault rifle throwing himself into body rolls as he takes down a drug-estate, firing from the hip (he's hoping the NHS can do it in 2015) as he kicks down dealers' doors is an idea that can exist only in the coke-ravaged mind of a Guardianista. 

In his neat little greenhouse the trays of annuals have spurted growth and he's going to take a chance on a late frost and aims to plant-out after mid April. His front garden, like the others of this verdant street of well-kept 1930s semis here in Bromley, is designed to give pleasure to walkers-by as well as demonstrate a community united in responsibility. Apart from a vague belief that's God's an Englishman, there isn't much racist about him. He even (still unknown to his wife) had a Malay girlfriend during his national service there in the Emergency. And he prides himself that he obeys the Law (yes, it is capitalised in his mind) to the letter. He's not an Enemy of the State, a dangerous radical, a subversive, or any of the filthy things the Guardian may want to term him in its nasty little campaign of vilification. To dun Chesterton's words, smile at him, pay him, pass him but do not quite forget England's full of such good men who haven't spoken yet. 


Quiet_Man said...

UKIP policy is not to allow members or former members of the EDL and BNP to join anyway. Not that the EDL even has a formal membership as they are apolitical, having only tenuous links to the British Freedom party.

Restoring Britain said...

Why is it when I read op ed pieces by outlets like th Guardian the phrase "eh? hang on a minute" pops into my head within the first paragraph.

They're like the rabble rouser who raises a fire alarm in a packed cinema and then acts like the deaths caused by the stampede had nothing to do with them.

If extremism is on the rise they never ask in such articles where it comes from. Although the Guardian piece touches on the notion of immigration it simply stops there and with good reason. Regular, everyday people have been trying to have an adult conversation about unfettered immigration for a number of years now. Of course that debate has been stymied at every twist and turn where antone who even tries to raise the question is given is labelled as a racist. That has been deliberate in order to shut down the debate.

By shutting down the debate the left have created a pocket of people ripe for the beguiling messages that the BNP can deploy to recruit supporters. It's so much easier for them to craft a message that essentially says "Don't worry I'm listening to you". I once heard a radio feature on the eleections in Dagenham I believe where the BNP candidate of the time was describing the party as the Labour Party your grandad used to vote for.

So if the rise of the BNP is a worry for them, maybe they need to look at the part they played in serving up a ready audience for them.

Curmudgeon said...

As Gandhi said, "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

The Guardian must be getting a bit rattled...

Anonymous said...

The money sprayer has gone dry, the dogmas and pedagogues are fast diminishing and in Britain a new reality is dawning on the few and in the many.

When you put it all together; the life balance advisors,the aristos posing as 'true Socialists', Militant tendancy teachers, equality fundamentalists, Marxist philosophizing, the moral and intellectual vacuum at the heart of such as the Socialist Workers Party, the champions of Multiculturalism - or should I say ghettoisation, the European super state federalists, the Malthusians of the green age and all of the rest of the guardianistas 'world view'.
It is all empty guff and doesn't add up to Jack Shit and don't they know it.

But now that they are found out, then what next? What do nasty small minded little people usually do?

They kick out at perceived and imagined enemies.

Sean said...

I fancy another wave of mass immigration is at hand.

The only chance Europe has of dealing with its demographic bomb is to open up its borders, and when they do the only place most of them will wish to go will be dear old blighty.

This time I dont think the good folks who dont read the Groan will not be silenced on the issue.

Anthony Harrison said...

Dare I suggest your portrait of a typical UKIP member is somewhat, ah, skewed - not to say patronising. I'm not a member yet, but I have voted UKIP twice in General Elections and I attended a public meeting a couple of weeks ago to hear Nigel Farage - who was on top form, good as his billing.
I haven't worn a blazer since I was at school, I'm proud to acknowledge, abhor polyester, and you couldn't pay me enough to make me live in Bromley. The large audience at the Farage meeting was more diverse than you might think, and though the average age was depressingly high there were teenagers and folk in their twenties. I'm past 60, but remarkably hip....
Agreed about The Grauniad though, a contemptible organ they should take off life support.

Anonymous said...

Whilst your description of UKIP types was quite amusing Raedwald (and yes I do live in the Bromley area), it is not that accurate. The fastest growing part of the UKIP membership is the 15-35 year old "Young UKIP".

Most people in Bromley borough seem to be dyed in the wool CONservative (not conservative), who automatically and tribally vote for the "blue" party, despite evidence that it is far from conservative.

The polling figures from the years since UKIP came into existence and started campaigning for votes in the Bromley area, would attest to this.

However, your comments regarding the Guardian are spot on. You may also already know, that they are linked to a new document released by "hope not hate", the "new" name for the hateful Searchlight lefty organisation.

This document, takes everything from its own lefty convictions that it doesn't like, throws in the BNP and the UKIP (two completely unrelated (by philosophy and anything else for that matter) political parties, and groups them under the hate label.

The hope part, is what remains and it is juvenile in the extreme, dishonest and fantasist in its concept of fact, and in summary a recipe for more of the hate fuelled murder and mayhem that the left perpetuated on the world through socialism and fascism as practised by people of their ilk during the 20th century.

If one comes away with anything from their website

and the associated document

it is that perhaps they have confused "hope" with "hate".

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yes, I saw that article last night. Quite a grubby attempt to tar Ukip with the extreme racist brush, I hope the party makes its objection heard.

Anonymous said...

A decision was made (in secret) between the three main political parties to take our homeland from us and turn it into a global hub for humanity.

There is nothing anyone can do now that will alter the outcome, which translates to ethnocide by stealth at the very least for the English.

We'll be stripped of our identity as a distinct people and when that happens our heritage will be lost to history - if you don't believe me you should read the speech made by John Denham MP before the last election.

The political class is deadly serious about what they're doing, their investment is 60+ years in the making and they will not be denied. If you stand against them in any way you will suffer.

Jack Straw said "the English are a race not worth saving." There are many like him who think the same. John Prescot said "the English don't exist". Both held very senior positions in government so the threat of our extinction is very real.

Fight or die, the choice is yours.


Raedwald said...

Apols for the hyperbole but I needed to make the point that your average UKIP member is far, far, less likely to join or support violent means than your average Guardian reading social worker

Jublet said...

I've been thinking of joining UKIP for some time. All this has convinced me that now IS the time. Oh, and the only other UKIP member I know is 82 years old. Me? 65.

Ed Butt said...

Well I might be less than 10 years from the ideal age for Ukippers and I will be voting for them next time because no other party will get us out of Europe.

But I drive a sports hatch, have an (Indian) girlfriend more than 20years younger than me, I don't play golf but I do own a speedboat and the garden is artistically untidy.

The Party's appeal is obviously spreading.

Scrobs... said...

Keep remembering the types who are still working to recoup pensions pissed up against the wall by the stupid Balls, Brown and Blair.

I will soon be a real pensioner, and unless Glam Dave bucks his ideas up, I'll be with UKIP all the way, they'll get as much publicity via my Blog, my comments elsewhere, my chats with proper business people, and also my own company, which is fully dedicated to seeing oldies like me (my business partners are even older than me), will get a better deal for themselves, and we'll stuff the charlatans and 'public prats', who seem to have the upper hand.

We'll steal the show believe me, and Cameron and his poodles had better be very careful about buying my vote, because the price has gone up by an enormous amount.

Go Grey - better for UK.

outsider said...

Whatever the hyperbole, this is a great post. Thank you.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"England's full of such good men who haven't spoken yet"

Well they'd better get a move on, there isn't much time left.

DeeDee99 said...

Late to this thread as I've been enjoying myself in Prague.

I too am a Kipper. I'm female, in my low-50s, live in Surrey and whilst membership locally tends to be middle-aged to elderly, the stereo-type in Raedwald's piece isn't correct. We are a fairly diverse group (except for ethnic minorities - but there aren't too many around here anyway).

I think ALL 3 main parties are starting to fear UKIP. Articles in ConHome and the DT indicate as such. But the Graniaud is just a nasty left-wing agitprop and UKIP is hard on the heels of the LibDems and UKIP support in the northern Labour heartlands is growing.

This is a good sign!