Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flawed Olympic missile strategy

During the Nazi V1 offensive, British Intelligence did an excellent job of feeding false information on the location of V1 hits back to Germany; in essence, large numbers of hits were reported in areas to the north of London. The Nazis subsequently adjusted the drip-feed engines to cut out earlier, to hit central London, and thus in reality most V1s fell to the south of central London on low-rise residential districts that could afford to take hits, rather than on our most important civic and religious structures. It was one of the hard decisions that wartime governments have to take. 

This pusilanimous government's docile pandering to every whim of the grossly corrupt and self-important Olympic shambles is now to include the siting of batteries of Rapier missiles at elevated locations in East and South London. The Rapier is an anti-aircraft missile, and contrary to some MSM reports, will not shoot down other incoming missiles such as the sort of home-made rockets perfected by Hamas in Gaza. But it will shoot down, say, a hijacked aircraft coming in from the West. 

Now if there's one large area of London that can take crashing aircraft it's the ghastly and meretricious 'Olympic Park' in East London; the thought of shooting down an aircraft over central London in order to preserve a cabal of worthless IOC Olympic D-listers and their Lithuanian tarts to the East defies rational belief.

Let's rather site our Rapier batteries in central London, and let the crashing aircraft fall plumb on the new Olympic stadium, the Zil park, the VIP 'cocaine' suites and the brown-envelope lounges; all of these will be missed not a whit, but a 747 falling on the Abbey would be an irreplaceable loss.


Barnacle Bill said...

These batteries of Rapier missiles will be the weapons of last resort in the case of a terrorist attack.
But by announcing this sledge hammer/nut cracker measure is our government saying it doesn't have a lot of faith in it's frontline defences?
Then again I suppose the RAF hasn't got enough planes to shadow every flight taking off from Heathrow.
Nor enough to keep a flying curtain up around London 24/7 whilst the orgy of the Olympics goes on.
Perhaps the Goodyear blimp be press ganged into helping us out?

G. Tingey said...

The authoritarian fascism gets more obvious by the minute, doesn't it?

No liquids more than 100 ml - JUST AS the airlines are about to relax that restriction.
SAM's on residential apartment blocks!

What next?

Security tagging for all residents within a 5km range of the main arena?

Some innocent bystander is probably going to be killed or very seriously injured by these idiot goons, before it's all over.

NOW perhaps, some people are beginning to realise why a lot of us hate the whole thing.

But of course, even peacful protest, like lying down in the road, or streaking will get you a terrorist jail sentance.

Thus encouraging real terrorism, because if they are going to label you a terrorist, you might as well ...
oh dear - didn't think that one through, did they?

In fact no brain cells at all were harmed or used during the entire exercise

Anonymous said...

So, LHR has one aircraft landing every thirty seconds, London City pretty full too. Stand under the flight path in Hounslow and on a fine day you can see then back as far as the eye can see.

That is a pretty dense population of aircraft to select just the one that happens to have been hijacked.

Anonymous said...

Taking a quick look at Wikipedia, it would seem that these weapons are not that good at shooting down enemy aircraft…

Apparently, during the Falklands war, after God knows how many launches… Only one "kill" has been confirmed.

I suspect that these are here not to deter terrorists, but to somehow impress us…

I don't think so.

What might be a bit more impressive, would be for our government to be able to recognise this country's REAL enemies and to act against them, rather than killing our young people by fighting wars with nations, that even in their wildest dreams would never be a threat to us…

Countries on the other side of the world like Afghanistan are nowhere near as threatening as a city like Brussels (Belgium is a non-country), which is within spitting distance.

Anonymous said...

It's just insanity. Barking bonkers mad - and yet we sit here and let them get on with it. Rapier missiles on London roof tops today; what's next? And will they be taken down afterwards?

Britain is not looking good as a civilised place to live.

Coney Island

Edward Spalton said...

Given that the Dean of Westminster is bent on installing a memorial to the late Sir Edward Heath (see "Heath's Corner" in the resources section of the threat of 747 falling on the Abbey might just give him a hint to mend his ways.

Of course, I hope it lands on your preferred target, if it does come. Rather like Betjeman's
"Come kindly bombs and fall on Slough
And make it ready for the plough.
It isn't fit for people now."

I am off to the West of Ireland until the whole ghastly thing is over.

The infliction of the Olympics, I sometimes feel, is the well-merited punishment of the nation from the Almighty for having elected Tony Blair.

I prayed so hard the French would get it!

Blue Eyes said...

These days the RN announces the movements of its ships on fucking Twitter.