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Monday, 23 April 2012

France rejects the old parties

The shares of votes for the Presidential election first round in France reflects a public disillusioned with traditional parties. Sarkozy and Hollande between them shared only 56% of votes cast; Marine le Pen's 18% and the far-left Melenchon's 11% were not enough this time to upset the apple cart, and in a way this doesn't matter.

The weekend papers have been replete with advice from Conservative HQ that support for UKIP is quite wasted, that UKIP's poll showing ahead of the LibDems is de rien, and only a vote for Cameron is a worthwhile vote. Marine le Pen, today in the position of Warwick in determining which way she will now advise her supporters to vote in France's second round, would disagree.

The more votes for parties other than the big three in the next election the better - no vote is wasted. Voting against the big three is a vote for the only issue that really matters - Reform.


Barnacle Bill said...

Fully agree on the voting against the Big Three at every opportunity.

However, the rush by the Big Three to stitch up the deal of tax payer's funding them, looks like they are trying to strangle UKIP's break out.

Interesting about Marine le Pen's percentage of the votes, I had thought she might get into the low twenties.

Still well done that Lady!

BrianSJ said...

Agree. Come on OMRLP. Vote for insanity, you know it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! There was a good debate on R4 on Saturday which included Nigel Farage - always worth a listen.

For genuine reform to bite, we all must get out of the mindset that persuades us that a vote for any other party is either just a "protest" vote, or a "wasted" vote. No, no and no it isn't. Its far better to send a clear message to the usual suspects that they are no longer relevent to us - far, far better than not voting or wanting a box that says "none of the above". Farage went on to say that "you can't get a fag paper of difference between the main 3 parties" - and he's right. Caroline Lucas (MP for Brighton - Green Party) was one of the panelists and she stated that the main 3 parties were just not interested in the big burning issues in Britain today such as pulling our troops out of the middle east, or pulling out of the EU / ECHR convention - they are just not even talking about it, let alone making it an election issue. Moreover, we must not heed the siren calls of those that say that such smaller parties are not relevent because they are "single issue" parties. If the single issuue is big enough or widely felt enough or is damaging to our country, then why the hell not campaign on a single issue? Alex Salmond has made a very good career out of single issue politics!

Anyway - to all the bloggers out there and especially to all on here following Raedwald - a very happy St. George's day to you. Fly the flag!

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

France will of course revert to the "old parties" in the second round.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the Germans to lean on M. Hollande and for him to go native and start playing the EU's game.

Three months? Less?

And how will the French react then?

andy said...

I think M Hollande is already an EU ready drone.

Anonymous said...

Ah the very idea of Merko's steely ecstasy Sarko enjoyed too much, the Reichsfuhren's Angie ball gripper - Hollande must be making canoes day long.
It must be UKIP but if you don't wanna do that...........
ALL ballot papers should have a box - none of the above/or place an X by all of the candidates.

anon 2 said...

Who are these people with the funny names and the ugly language? I'm sorry, but I hate that we even have to care about what the frogs do.

Anonymous said...


A vote for LibLabCon is a wasted vote.

UKIP is just the cat that needs to be set loose among the pigeons.

English Pensioner said...

UKIP is clearly starting to rattle Cameron. As with the LibDims at the last election, people have discovered that under the right circumstances a small party can have considerable power. They now need to convince people that they could become part of an anti-EU coalition if they could get a few MPs.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone aware that "None of the above" is, by law, specifically prohibited from appearing on ballot papers (and has been foe some years)The troughers have known just how vulnerable they have been for a long time now.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Blimey that didn't take long.

According to the FT this morning (£ so no link), Hollande has ALREADY done a U-turn and is now talking about making the Fiskalpact "wider, deeper" etc etc, rather than vetoing or unpicking it.

Truly has it been said, that it doesn't matter who you vote for, the EU always wins.