Saturday, 7 April 2012

Gordon Brown still loathsome

Ruth Porter of the IEA reminds us this morning, should we be inclined to forget, of the poisonous legacy of that utterly loathsome little shit Brown. The man despoiled the British economy and locked generations to come into debt in a vain attempt to establish a Socialist slave state. If any right-thinking Texan lawmen would like to extradite Brown on some charge that carries a natural-life jail term I'm sure we'd be glad to get rid of him with the least possible fuss.   


Oldrightie said...

That's the most truthful and accurate post I've ever read!

DeeDee99 said...

It would be poetic justice if The Moron was extradited to the USA under the warped Treaty Labour negotiated (and which Blunkett, Minister at the time is now complaining about).

To see The Moron shackled in chains and carted off to an American jail would be pure pleasure.

What a shame it won't happen. 'Justice' is only for the little people.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, to quote a form of punishment that you cite here from time to time, the "bill of attainder" would be a fitting punishment. By the way, my Easter Saturday had already got off to a bad start when I read your post and clicked through to the Telegraph article. And there my Saturday just got worse; the pug-ugly mug of that bastard Gordon Brown. That utterly loathsome shit. I feckin' hate him with a passion.

Coney Island

Tcheuchter said...

@ Anon

While I am in accord with your sentiments I would point out that Easter Saturday is next week (Easter week). Today is Holy Saturday, the Saturday in Holy Week.

Anonymous said...

From the outside it looked like Tony Blair actually started Brtain's cultural revolution.
And Brown took the ball and did the necessary.
And you all voted for it.

Herod said...

Anon. Only the labour elite voted for Brown, no one else.

Anonymous said...

By "It" I was referring to the cultural revolution . Brown was just part of driving force.

And there seemed to be no great voting against unlimited immigration , debt, controlled education, controlled speech etc etc.