Monday, 30 April 2012

No austerity for the EU Oligarchs

Whilst the Greeks starve and one in four Spaniards are workless, whilst Portugal's young talent is draining to Brazil, and the Irish hunker down into shameful penury, Europe's new oligarchs are treating themselves to a new fleet of private jets. Ashton, Von Rumpy, Barroso and the corrupt fat cats of Brussels can sip chilled champagne as they fly in their Falcon 7Xs  (below) and 737s over the heads of elderly Greeks collecting roadside weeds for the pot. 

In the post below I commented that one would need to buy Mount's book to find his comments on the EU - Cruddas being unlikely to include such passages in his review for the Indie. Well, it seems Charles Moore gives us a good hint in this morning's Telegraph;
Mount does recognise that oligarchy is not a late deformity of the EU, but essential from its beginnings. The founding fathers believed that union could never come about if the people fully understood what was happening. They therefore devised a system by which the European Commission — a bureaucracy in the precise sense of the word, and wholly unelected — initiated the laws. The one‑way doctrine of “ever closer union” effectively forbade the politicians of any member state to disagree. And now we have the euro, in which a central bank tries to enforce austerity upon a continent. It is, as Mount himself says, “the oligarch project to end all oligarch projects”. Perhaps we should take that expression literally: perhaps the euro really will end the project that it was intended to crown. What is certain is that, so long as the EU exists in its present form, the power of oligarchy will grow. Which makes it equally certain that the risk of revolution will increase.
Following Booker's succinct summary of this 'treason by stealth' approach in yesterday's paper, it astonishes me that any Briton of any degree of intelligence can support this evil empire unless for personal gain.


Barnacle Bill said...

I never supported it but was conned into agreeing to a "Common Market".
Now however it has turned into an international version of Animal Farm on steroids!

Anon 2 said...

The trouble with the revolution option is that it's built into the communist method they've used to sucker us in. So Bezmenev/Schuman told us, anyway (see the Youtube series from the '70s). Once they've induced revolution or other violence, they have an excuse to call out the militia and impose direct militarised occupation.

The idea's no further-fetched than the other steps we've already seen them take (demoralisation: via education and other infiltration; crisis; and now destabilisation). And they have a lovely excuse here, what with the masked men on the rooves of London. Not to mention the way they're messing with the RN....

DeeDee99 said...

By far the best way to bring the whole thing crashing down is to deprive it of money.

If only the peoples of Europe could and would coordinate a general strike across the whole continent; or even just in the UK it would force our government to listen.

Anonymous said...

I think that oligarchy and austerity can be separated. Lets face it, the oligarchs of the EU would have risen even if the EU had prospered; in this respect the woes of Greece et al make no difference.

Similarly, if there were no oligarchs, Greece et al would still have pissed away other peoples money to arrive where they are today - in the shit!

If, as independent nation people, we are to tackle the two problems effectively, we must treat them as separate issues.

Removing the oligarchs can be done at the ballot box. For the UK it means voting UKIP and I suspect that there are plenty of alternative parties in the member states that would see to the break up of the EU back down to the Common Market from whence it came. We (they) just have to have the courage of our own convictions to vote for them and them, and once in power, forgive them their youthful inexperience and work to help them grow into the new parties of power that they should become; leaving the old guard behind to starve to death.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

Why does the United States of America work, and the United States of Europe doesn't? There is just as much difference between Louisiana and Nebraska as there is between Greece and Denmark.


JM said...

Leaving aside the question of whether they should have private jets, it stinks anyway because it is an increase of 60% over previous years.

Anon 2 said...

PS: If the table in the picture is any measure of what passes as 'silver service' on an aircraft nowadays ....... :)

This one certainly looks more like the garden patch on my patio. That is, a suitable pitstop for stray animals.

Anonymous said...

The USA works because of a common language and culture (in the main).

Prejudice will ALWAYS occur - more so due to the disparate countries of Europe - and no amount of politics will change this.

Anonymous said...

Forget the private jet thing, that is a minor injustice, a small sympton of a major 'cancer'.

The EU has excelled, the green energy madness, open borders, Frankfurt School ideology, the idea of a single unified federal state and in consequence; all democracy ended, institutions trashed and gone.

An example, the waste of Billions, trillions used to bribe the North Western Spanish trawler fleets to rape British waters of fish and thereby mothballing trawlers by the hundreds and whole towns [Hull, Grimsby, Fleetwood]. All gone, in less than a generation, 100s of thousands of livelihoods in the UK

But it doesn't end there, British taxpayers largesse provided the billions the Spanish via EU payments received, to build useless major arterial roads which are hardly used.
The Spanish railway transformation, all shiny new - as the British rail network buckles into chaos - surely do they take the piss but for the EU 'le grand projet' is the ultimate ideal and in fact: Spain is more important than Britain [is the Brussels perception].

This UK - club Med redistribution goes on, though Germany is allowed to forge ahead while we are bled dry - Has Britain been treated and regarded as the enemy [?] - I thought we'd won the war, it is reparations in reverse - from victor to losers.

The waste and idiocy of the EU.

But it is a done with a skin creeping mendacity of evil design.
The societal re-engineering, is deliberate of a kind notable for its vindictive fury, in thirty years the demographic make-up has been changed beyond recognition a bastardization particularly here in the UK but also across France and northern Europe. And it goes on and each passing year it becomes worse - that to me is the greatest problem and biggest perfidy.
You see, these faceless pen-pushers in Brussels do not care about Britain, or of the British people - we are seen as a "means to an end" and only that.

Britain has been 'raped'.

Since 1973 and the gang rape goes on with more 'men' [countries involved] and yet.......

"it astonishes me that any Briton of any degree of intelligence can support this evil empire unless for personal gain."

Indeed but we should be aware, that all along the real enemies are here in the UK.
Our, the 'fifth columnists' are local councils, local quangos, whole government department's DECC + DEFRA first among them... in the civil service, the Westminster knot/BBC empire/socialist useful idiots: all of them working tirelessly to maintain the Brussels mafia's hegemony and thus, the Kommissars who reside in a luxury that they are well accustomed to but in turn they reciprocate and the Britisher EU apparats are rewarded well.

We are, have been - undone by our own people - that's twist and that is tantamount to treason - is it not?

Anonymous said...

The US also works becasue there is fiscal tarnsfer - i.e. money sloshes around the system betwene the states...

This now the choice that awaaits the Germans... i.e. common debt issuance...

Of course this also entails complete political union, which was probably the goal all along...

But what do the German people want? To pay for the Greeks et al. for ever more? And will Greece, Spain ever recover?