Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The centre cannot hold

The Euro is a political tool, intended to secure fiscal and political union. The economic answer to the Eurozone's woes is clear; allow Greece (at least) to leave the Euro, devalue, default and spring back to growth and relative prosperity. All the while this move is resisted the pressure will pile on the Euro, threatening the Federasts' political objectives. Allowing Greece to leave will also open the possibility of others following, threatening the Federasts' political objectives. It's win-win for those of us who loathe the EU project vehemently, notwithstanding the fallout here in the UK. 

Meanwhile European-wide disillusionment with the political and big-business classes and a hunger for reform bubbles away. Many of our own dear politicians are 'in denial' as our cousins say, blaming 'voter apathy'. If they were aware of the strength with which they are loathed by many of the non-voters they would be hesitant to term this dangerous passion 'apathy'.

And Austerity has hardly even started yet.


G. Tingey said...

I voted in London, but I had to study the p[apers closely, before I could find someone to vote FOR, or even against.
I was wondering, at one point, if I was going to have to put "None of the ABove"]across my paper, for the first time ever.

As you say, it's getting bad.
And will have to get worse, before anyone notices.

Factoid, which may or may not be true...
Membership of ANY political party is rarer than NOT having a TV - i.e. Less tahn 15 of the population.

Barnacle Bill said...

The trouble we have at the moment is finding someone/somewhere to funnel this "apathy" so that it will produce something positive?

Raedwald said...

Greg - the combined membership of the Big Three is less than 450,000, i.e. fewer than 1% of the UK's 45m voters. The other (green, UKIP, BNP) parties have memberships in the low tens of '000s at best.

In contrast the National Trust has over 3m members ... go figure

Anonymous said...

So why does the National Trust not put up candidates in the next election?