Sunday, 6 May 2012

"Dad's Army" UKIP screw London vote

"You said it was our party description, Mr Farage, so I wrote it on the forms. 'Fresh choice for London'. Just like you said."

"You stupid boy. Do you realise that as a result five million ballot papers went out without our party's name on them? That you cost us two seats in the Assembly?"

It was a typical own-goal. Actually, this morning I commend Peter Hitchens' Mail comment piece to you for not pulling any punches;
If you must vote at the next Election (I shan’t), vote for the absurd Dad’s Army of UKIP if you want to. At least it does no harm. But the real business of constructing a new pro-British party to speak for all the abandoned, honest, patriotic, gentle people of this Disunited Kingdom can begin only when we have chucked the Tories into a suitably stout wheelie bin and slammed the lid down on top of them.


Hattori Hanzo said...

Tories up and down the country have split the UKIP vote

DeeDee99 said...

As a UKIP member and activist, I agree that the failure to get UKIP's name on the ballot paper under our candidates' was a disgrace.

Someone needs to be told to up their performance or get out.

The fact is, it is UKIP or a breakaway group of Conservative MPs - there is no other alternative. And a breakaway group of Conservative MPs doesn't look like happening; they are all too firmly wedded to their political careers and the largesse that brings them for very little effort.

G. Tingey said...

As a London voter, I assumed "Fresh Choice for London" was a loonie quasi-Marxist front, and didn't vote for them - AND I did wonder where the UKIP candidate(s) were ....
If THIS is their level of competenece, then they are not fit to govern a municipal bog-house.

Anonymous said...

Deliberately chucked it ?
Some sort of deal to keep Ken out?

FrankC said...

I found the UKIP symbol on the side of the ballot paper, not under the candidates name. Nearly didn't vote for them.

Weekend Yachtsman said...


Maybe on one of the SNP candidates on my ballot paper (there were several, for some reason nobody can explain) was actually UKIP in disguise.

Someone needs to be taken out and shot.