Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's out of their hands now

The only message coming from the G8 is that they haven't a clue what to do. Besides the vacuous rhetoric - "Growth through Austerity", "Jobs not Spending", "Strong Plans for Action" - you can be sure that worst-case contingency plans are under discussion; border closures, emergency food and health relief, military mobilisation, evacuation of friendly nationals, but definitely not, as one MSM report suggested this morning, martial law. For the political oligarchy to accept martial law they have to accept failure and redundancy, and they're a way away from that yet. They want to use the military to impose control, not give control to them.  

Another report warns of the 'Fury about to erupt' in Europe as realisation dawns that everyone's been lied to, that it WAS a political project after all, a secret project that has cost the wealth of an entire generation. It could happen within days; it's all down now to people, and markets. And how long have we got before this:-
 Becomes this:-

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