Monday, 28 May 2012

Things I haven't got time to do ...

Europe is the only news story. We're entering a momentous period in which everything's to play for - our nation, our sovereignty, our freedom. If I could I would give every waking minute of every waking day to the fight, and if it comes to require it I will do. There is never a shortage of topics for blog posts, but research takes time to do justice to those of you I ask to read it. The next few days are particularly hectic, but here's what I'd blog if I had the time;

1. UK net payments to Commonwealth nations vs. UK payments to the EU. £1bn vs £15bn? Likely returns from developing Commonwealth markets vs returns from EU markets?

2. To list out (with notes) all the EU 'competencies' that either explicitly or effectively gives the EU legislative power over our people - every policy / legislative area they've already given away. And what's left?

3. Euro legislation on personal electronic signatures and compulsory ID

4. LOTR simile; the UK as old King Rohan, under the spell of Wormtongue (who looks remarkably like Cameron) ...


DeeDee99 said...

Looking forward to reading whatever you do manage to blog.

One thing's for certain, the EU won't survive - at least in its current guise - for very much longer.

James Higham said...

Keep up the good fight, Radders. Ireland on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

The best service that anyone could perform is to list the hierarchy and agencies that support them - and the money they receive.

I am continually frustrated by my lack of research skills.

G. Tingey said...

Errr ...
That should be:
"Theoden, King of Rohan" shouldn't it?

Oh, and stopping this vile idea:

Tubb said...

Please, please do follow up on your intention to list the EU 'competences'. I have been hoping for a long time that someone would do this. I think a lot of people are vaguely aware of one or two areas in which we are dictated to by Brussels and would be shaken and hopefully stirred by seeing the full list.

cuffleyburgers said...

Raedwald - you are doing a great job, and I enjoy very much reading your posts.


G. Tingey said...

Buggering uo Allotment and garden users abilites to deal with weeds and fungi, for a start - so their corrupt friewnds in the agribusiness lobby can make more money ....

Anonymous said...

The EU influence needs to be quantified, if this marvellous beneficence was so obvious. Then, everytime the moment the EU was mentioned; in the pub, on the shop floor and in the local shops - people would smile and gab excitedly about the wondrous EU, well wouldn't they?
why is everything so covertly done, what have they got to hide?

Answer: we are being robbed blind and the project was and is a political putsch, to remove and trash all remaining democratic institutions across all of Europe but particularly here in Britain.
When the people have been cowed and 're-educated' the European elite can rule through 'benign' authoritarian diktats - we already are used to this in Britain.

How many laws and how much control is wielded and how does this impinge on our lives is hard to say, we need to know though, yes we need it spelling out and marking.

'They', do not want us to know though - do they?

I hark back to the Monty Python sketch, "what have the Romans ever done for us?"

Which was a mock ironic sketch praising the Roman occupation of Britain grudgingly acknowledged by the 'lads'.
The Roman occupation for some was one of cruelty and barbaric treatment and of short unhappy lives.
But some Romano-Brits did very nicely and lived like Emperors themselves, just go to Bignor Sussex.
In comparison, what have the EU ever done for us?
Britain has, for all the 'gelt it has directed to the 'new Rome' of Brussels' very little to show for it.
We can claim, with real justification to have built infrastructure projects across Spain and kept the Spanish North Western fishing industry in permanent work since they joined in 86.
The rest of it, after 40 years of serfdom is not at all obvious.

Unless, you count the myriad number of middling council executives pulling north of £150K up and down the country. Oh yes, and the gravy trainers shuttling to and from Brussels - no, actually some have done very well out of the EU!

The establishment smile and ECHR rules OK.

johnse18 said...

One thing that would be useful would be to add the EUReferendum blog to the daily update list on the right. I'm sure that it used to appear but seems not to now.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to see a list of competences, this isn't a bad start: (a 4MB pdf)

See the intro (pp1-28) as well as p327.

One Rigged to Bind Them said...

With respect Radders, I think the real Wormtongue is Clegg.

Anonymous said...

"With respect Radders, I think the real Wormtongue is Clegg."

Had the same thought;¬)

Anonymous said...

One of the worst aspects of the formation of the EU is that it has become a trade barrier to free trade. A barrier based moreover on old style geography as the basis of a forming an organisation. Such an organisation failed to take into account the disparate cultures within Europe, namely

1. Differing attitudes to work

2. Differing ethics in the formation of national budgets

3. Differing attitudes to natural obedience to the law in some countries, but quite the reverse in others.

The result of this hodge-podge organisation is what we have now in the EU.

Far better that we had simply joined the EEA and continued our natural affinity to Anglo-phone countries. Countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and NZ, who not only share the same language but have the same attitudes mentioned in the points above.

Such an association would have led to not just a real organisation based on common values, but also far greater vitality in encouraging the global economy, but would have been a powerful and effective Western defence potential spanning the globe - something that the EU can never hope to achieve no matter how much of our money it spends on defence.