Sunday, 24 June 2012

There can be no forgiveness for Labour

Balls has been uncharacteristically silent during Miliband's nostra culpate on Labour's immigration crimes - and little wonder. Nothing has changed in Balls' bunker brain from the Labour party that used immigration as a weapon to bludgeon the British people, to punish us for clinging to our village greens, red phone boxes and outdated notions of liberty. For our refusal to accept Labour's new Jerusalem of enforced equality under an all-powerful Central State we were swamped with an African diaspora, a mudslide of chronically sick and terminally ignorant Pakistanis and Bangladeshis complete with illiterate village Imams, a flood of Somalis with no historic links to the UK whatsoever and a great tsunami of eastern Europeans. So concerted and of such scale was Labour's assault on the British people that it will take three generations to break down and assimilate the aliens, whilst the additional costs of their healthcare, education, housing, policing and welfare will depress our per capita GDP for twenty years. For that there can be no forgiveness. 

As I've written many times before, all this was not the fault of the immigrants. If you or I were offered the same opportunities we'd take them. There is no moral difference between us. You simply can't blame the immigrants. Those that seek to do so are letting Labour off the hook; so don't march in Bradford, take your placards to Labour HQ at One Brewers Green, SW1 or to  Ed and Yvette's 'second home' in Stoke Newington.

As Alasdair Palmer writes in the Telegraph, we are not the only people to be troubled by open borders;

"A similarly agonised reappraisal is happening across Europe. A couple of weeks ago, EU governments adopted a measure that would allow them to reintroduce border controls, 'when the control of an external border is no longer assured due to external circumstances' ... The new measure was pushed through by the French and German governments to assure their people that there is something they can do: they can impose border controls, and they will do if necessary. The European Commission fiercely opposed the change, arguing that it violates the basic principle of freedom of movement within the EU – which of course it does. But it couldn’t prevent it: the issue was too important to the elected governments." 

Those boarded-up border posts and dismantled barriers on 'B' roads all over Europe may have to be urgently refurbished, local villagers recruited again as border guards, and visa applications reintroduced. Then it will start to feel like the Europe I know and love so well again.


DeeDee99 said...

We have had so many culturally incompatible immigrants in the past 15 years that I doubt we will ever assimilate them. We are moving towards a ghetto society in parts of the country - if we're not already there.

When immigrant numbers exceed the indigenous population in an area, they change the whole make-up of the locality - as we see in areas where Muslims are dominant and the women are being forced back into burkhas and traditional cultural norms.

I don't believe in enforced repatriation but we need to massively restrict more 3rd world immigration and offer generous but voluntary repatriation packages for those who wish to return to their native countries.

Labour should never be forgiven for destroying British society. 'Sorry, we got it wong' isn't good enough. This was a deliberate policy which they denied for a decade or more.

Anonymous said...

The Frankfurt School's pic 'n' mix:

1. The creation of racism offences.

2. Continual change to create confusion

3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children

4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.

6. The promotion of excessive drinking

7. Emptying of churches

8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

9. Dependency on the state or state benefits

10. Control and dumbing down of media

11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

Ever felt you've been had?


Anonymous said...

I completely agree but you can't un-ring the bell.
Labour are pretending to be sorry,but everything is going according to plan to destroy our way of life.

hatfield girl said...

Gaddafi told the Italian government that if the use of Italy as a base for the NATO offensive was allowed he would 'unleash' sub-Saharan migration as a weapon against the country. Only now, after an agreement was reached with Tripoli by Monti's Justice minister, in April, have the regular patrols by the navy to pick up drowning migrants from sinking rust buckets been scaled down a bit.

Italy is not a welcoming place for migrants; it picks them up, treats them, and then they realise there is very limited welfare and 'benefits' and even what there is restricted quite severely to contributors and citizens. No housing, no cash dole, local determination of access to education and health services often regulated by registration as legally settled. The Church and (very ancient) charity systems are picking up some of the lack, but mostly they move on; the crossing at Ventimiglia is a sight to behold. Have they all arrived yet?

Curmudgeon said...

Somehow I suspect it's not Poles and Lithuanians that voters are most concerned about...

The English Physician said...

Careful - they'll lock you up for telling the truth like that.

anon 2 said...

The millipede is itself a scion of immigrant Poles (Jewish, Marxist) ... so why's he trying to turn us against white Europeans: Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet bloc? Or is it just that he wants to spare them from the 5th world he continues to create?

Whatever... there is no doubt that his goal is the continued deculturisation of Britain, especially England.

Here's a link to the speech itself:

Anonymous said...

What nuLabor did to this country with their covert unchecked immigration policies is almost on a par with ethnic cleansing.

I fear even in ten generation's time we will still be suffering from the festering sore it has opened up in our once fair land.

Because of this no-one, I repeat no-one, from that nuLabor grouping must ever be allowed into power again.

I would even go as far as to publicly brand each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

I watch the streets of my local town.
The zealotry of the Salafists is here. A purely white town only 10 short years ago, the town centre now, is like a scene from Karachi or maybe Zanzibar.
Now 7, another new Mosque very recently built.
Ideology, evidenced by the slits, through which allow only the eyes of the women, macabre beings, they ghost through the locale.
The sullen looks of Asian men, Indian shopkeepers are friendly not so the 'others', young men who have no jobs but large German cars.
I fear for the lonely women as they make their solitary journeys to Sunday chapel, past the glowering youths. I will not any longer [and through my area] walk to church - a pleasure on a peaceful Sunday June morn' - once upon a time.
10 years, a centre for immigration constructed and bob's your uncle - welcome to a Bedlam of multiculturalism.

You said, after panning Miliband:
"all this was not the fault of the immigrants."
Maybe not, however, the damage is done, it cannot be undone.

Yes, assimilation will happen, we'll have to convert to Islam - there is no third way.
We changed our laws and the way we govern to suit the new entrants - that's something neither you Raedwald [in your PC item] nor Miliband will ever admit to in print and as I said, 'the die is cast'.
That's the way of it.

Anonymous said...

It must be very disheartening Raedwald to spend everything you have to reach the promised land, only to find out that your very act is turning the promised land into the place that you have just left, but without the freedom to be poor (and free).

@Curmudgeon… Whilst I accept that you are probably making a different point, those eastern Europeans have a dextrous manner when it comes to "working a system" (memories of communism perhaps?), and perhaps we should be a little bit worried about them.

Anonymous said...

If we import the entire world, we do not get all the virtues of the rest of the world (as the multikultis will have you believe), but all the vices of the rest of the world. Just looking at present day Britain or any Western country, must make this obvious.

This is one of the reasons that our police and judiciary are unable to cope, as there are no norms that are acceptable or unacceptable. It is the reason why our education system is failing, or has failed. It is leading to a breakdown of society, in some areas are already in a state of anarchy. It is unable to defend itself at home or abroad, as it has no idea what it is, and what it is supposed to defend. Just as flies wax strong and prosper over a decaying carcass, so it is that "Diversity" managers prosper over a dying multicultural failed nation.

Then there is a predatory culture whose main sacrament is to impose itself on others with force when necessary. As the number of Muslims increase in the West, the calls by Muslims to have their own state will grow. And when they are not granted that request, they will most certainly respond with violence. It is inevitable. What then? We are heading towards a Bosnia type situation. A civil war is the most dirty of all wars.

What Labour has done is far worse then any Quisling - to give away our society to totally alien cultures.

For such criminals, there has to be a special circle of hell.

G. Tingey said...

Anonymous has been reading Highfield's ravings at OoL
He (H) is also mad.

A lot of the so-called "points" he mentions are a completly irrelevant and unconnected set of ravings.
Let's see shall we?
1: Is he suggesting that being nasty to people on the basis of their birth & skin colour is a good idea? I do hope not.
2: Continual change has been going on since at least Martin Luther. Tough, live with it.
3: If you DON'T tech sex, and the existence of homosexuality (in ALL MAMMALS, incidentally) to children, you will get the results that led to the foundation of TocH - a girl killed herself at her first period ...
Stupid twat that you are.
4: Really? I though you were all complaining that the (all nasty left-wing "socialist") teachers had too much authority?
Make up your tiny apology for a mind, please?
5: Huge immigration to keep the corporate capitlist wge-bills low, by using cheap lanbour, surely?
Erm, err .....
6: Puritan - nasty little puritan.
Define "excessive" drinking, please?
7: The churches are emptying themselves, because there isn't any BigSkyFairy, is there?
8: Tell me something new. Been that way for hundreds of yesrs.
9: Possibly, you just might have half a point, there!
10: So, Rupert Murdoch should be declared persona non granta, I assume?
11: How so, assuming, of course, this isn't some more RC lying, that is?

And, of course, the arguments agains islam are identical to those agianst chritianity.
The isn't a BigSkyFairy, therefore Mahmud was NOT a prophet.
Just a Dark-ages child rapist (by our definitions, that is.

Now then, grow UP!
It's a religion, it kills people, and operates by blackmail. (Which are tow of the reasons communism is a classic religion, of course.)