Thursday, 21 June 2012

Carr should have used Livingstone's scam

I'm not condemning Jimmy Carr - after all, my own legal tax avoidance saves me some £2,000 a year in tax - but as it seems that it may not have been 'legal' after all, and he faces having to find up to £3.3m per year to repay to HMRC, perhaps he should have taken advice from those doyens of left-wing tax avoidance, Ken Livingstone and the Guardian, whose schemes seem far more robust?

Perhaps the Guardian should share its expertise with its readers - a series of Saturday supplements, say, under the banner "How to be a Socialist and Pay No Tax"? 


Demetrius said...

Polly Toynbee could be just the person to edit the supplements. Perhaps working from home online in Tuscany.

plantman said...

Carr tweets he sorry. Translation - "I'm sorry I got caught out. It's so unfair, hypocrisy is what we trendy leftie luvvies do and it means I can't use that routine about Barclays only paying 1% tax again (just think of the expense of getting my script writer to create a replacement - it should be tax deductable!)

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering how a schemne so nakedly corrupt can be legal... Or is this the little people catching on to what the establishment has been doing for ages?

Anonymous said...

This makes me feckin furious!!

How the hell can Osbourne condemn any person as being "morally repugnant" when he flipped his second home to avoid CGT? In fact how can any of the bent bastard 500 out of 660 politicians even look their electorate in the eye when they are all thieving scamming fuckwits. The hypocracy of it all leaves me spluttering with rage!

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