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Sunday, 17 June 2012

GPs strike - An unmissable opportunity

This Thursday's strike by GPs to preserve their padded pensions has little public sympathy; the taxpayer has already stuffed their mouths with gold under Labour's insane spendfest in paying them obscene salaries foir less work.

Primary care Trusts should look upon the strike as an unmissable opportunity to dismiss any striking doctors summarily, then immediately offer them new contracts on an appropriate local base salary - about £65k for London. I guarantee that any vacant posts will be filled within weeks.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"I guarantee that any vacant posts will be filled within weeks."

I bet they wouldn't be, though: you forget the stranglehold this particular Trade Union has.

Anonymous said...

Doctors and lawyers the strongest unions of them all.
Notorious for closing ranks when they cock up.

Anonymous said...

Windfall tax?

Edward Spalton said...

I believe that the Labour government introduced an extension to the legal immunity from breach of contract proceedings when labour is withdrawn as part of "industrial action".

I am not sure of the detail but believe that people on strike cannot now be sacked for 12 weeks.

Employers can, of course, bring in temporary "blackleg" workers but not immediately as permanent replacements.

Ian said...

Let them have as much as they're getting now, minus £5000 per year for every patient who dies.

Anonymous said...

Better learn urdu, polish etc if you feel stroppy. If it is blackleg replacements you want.

Johnm said...

Every patient dies: Eventually

Johnm said...

My (nhs) doctor is Polish.
Very good she is too.