Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lady Toynbee's answer: Rob the English

Just when you thought you'd read all the fatuous, addle-brained, vacuous and inane solutions to the debt crisis, from farming sunbeams to making computers out of vegetables, along comes Polly with an idea so startling, so original, so simple that we are stunned, amazed and entranced; Europe's crisis can be solved, says Lady Toynbee, by taking all the rich English people's money away and giving it to Greece and Spain.

Miliband must be striking his palm against his considerable forehead this morning "Of course! Why didn't Balls tell me this?" and amidst the pink end of the Coalition will be a quiet muttering of support "Yes, let's seize all the five bedroom houses and any gardens over an acre! Anyone with more than fifty grand in the bank, anyone with three cars - they don't need 'em, let's take it!" 

Toynbee means other people's money, of course; there's no doubt some complex Socialist reason why Tuscan villas and a fat wedge for the Nomenklatura should be exempt, and no doubt good medical grounds for their free champagne on the State...


Barnacle Bill said...

She's a twat!

I've given up reading any of her stuff nowadays - it's better for my BP.

Scrobs... said...

"politically hard decisions are easier if social democrats can inspire people with the value of standing together, not falling apart."

Silly bitch, what planet has she been colonising all these years...?

A Stronought said...

Scrobs: Uranus (or should that be the recently discovered Heranus? Reports say it is full of very hot air there).

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The thing is, it wouldn't work.

Even if you took away ALL the nett wealth of all the "rich" people in England (defining rich pretty broadly - maybe three times the median wage?) and handed it to the Greek and Spanish states, it would last them maybe one year, maybe a bit more or less.

And the next year, you'd have to do it all again.

There will be no end to this, Polly or otherwise, until the Entitlements are abrogated.

Sad - for some - but true.

Joe said...

Shoot them, just shoot them, shoot them all, the idiot "champers" socialists. It will be a mercy for them ( since they are clearly already brain dead) and a relief from the infliction of their idiocies on the rest of us

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought it could not get any more stupid.
John Gibson

Ian said...

Love the way Lady Toynbee attacked Britain for treating Europe so badly over the years. Like saving it in two world wars?

Anonymous said...

You have all failed her. That is why she and others are importing a new populatiuon.

Edward Spalton said...


Your suggestion is remarkably similar to that proposed by George Bernard Shaw for "socially useless" people. Except that he advocated a "humane" lethal chamber. I have seen the video clip of him saying this.

Of course, people like Toynbee have airbrushed that out of the record. Shaw was a socialist! and so witty!

TheFatBigot said...

And the current Chancellor of the Exchequer has a plan to force the administrators of private pension funds to "invest" the money in projects of his choosing.

It is precisely the Toynbee plan and is as doomed to failure as her more direct assertion of authoritarian profligacy.

Anonymous said...

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