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Sunday, 17 June 2012

London 2012 - Whores, drugs and corruption

Imagine the likes of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose face of public virtue hid a life of private vice in which prostitutes were hired for sex parties across the globe and where chasing hotel cleaners down a corridor with his yard waving in the wind was fair play. Now multiply him into scores of rich, powerful men in their sixties and upward, an international cosmopolitan amoral exploitative malbolge of filth that encompasses all the vice of Dante's eighth circle; pandery, seduction, flattery, taboo breach, barratry, hypocrisy, theft, fraud, peculation, trickery, perjury, impostry and schism. Now here you have the parasitic maggot-heap that clusters around international 'sport', a maggot-heap with whole floors reserved this Summer in London's top brothels International hotels and a fleet of Zil limousines with darkened windows and no doubt with little hand mirrors and safety razor blades in the seat pockets. 

Already even before the games have started the maggots from the National Olympics Committees have been selling off their non-transferable tickets to top events; I don't know why anyone is surprised. After all, they'll be sprawled in their luxury hotel suites with Lithuanian hookers and piles of Columbian marching powder when the 100m is run. And the hypocrisy of the maggots is nothing as to the hypocrisy of their hosts; whilst Newham and Tower Hamlets Councils like zealous Quakers close manky massage parlours and harass street prostitutes off the street in advance of the games, the thousand dollar spray-tanned Natashas of Mayfair and Shepherd Market with their iPhone booking systems remain untouched and preserved, inviolate sperm-dumps for the Olympic elite, who would no more think of using a heroin-scabbed £10 street whore from Plaistow than flying economy class.

The athletes will be subject to a battery of drugs tests at every stage of the competition; why not the IOC and the NOC members who come to London, the FIFA corrupt who ride around in their Zils? Do they and we both condone and accept so easily their private vice? And what of the sexual exploitation of young athletes by befouled satyrs? Lavrenti Beria was not unique in using his position to 'audition' young gymnasts for places in the national team, you wouldn't let many of the international sports maggots near your own children, yet we pretend they're fit persons to lead international sport?


Anonymous said...

From the heart Raedwald and just where my thoughts lie.
Every last one, of this verminous crew should be tagged and chemically neutered as they enter the country.

F*** them all and the beeb for rolling over and sucking up - to this circus of vice.

G. Tingey said...

For every time one sees the "olympic" symbols, PLEASE, please replace it/them with THIS ONE

Says it all.

Oldrightie said...

A superb rant of great quality, Raedwald. However your question, "Do they and we both condone and accept so easily their private vice?" is, sadly, that a majority not only accept it, they envy and covet it.

BernieInPipewell said...

Well said.

There must be a few more denigrating verbs to describe them but I can't think of any at the moment.


James Higham said...

This is so but I wonder how corrupt the actual athletes are?

Woolly jumper said...

Police in Scotland "visited" a pensioner who wrote a letter to the editor pointing out that the flame relay was a Nazi invention.

Odd times we live in.

Anonymous said...

so what is new?

anon 2 said...

Very, very, well said, Raedwald. Thank you.

Mr. Higham says @ 13,19: This is so but I wonder how corrupt the actual athletes are?
I can think only in terms of what "publicity" did for Elvis and Johnny Cash; and that British young woman who died recently (can't remember her name, but some people thought she could sing).

[S]exploited and drugged to blazes: all of 'em.

TheFatBigot said...

I would wager a penny to a pork scratching that most of the Claudettes, Anastasias and Gizelles who provide jollies to the Zil brigade are actually Traceys from Canvey Island.

Woman on a Raft said...

That police visit link:

Dave Coull sums up the issue neatly, and it applies as much to the athletes as the torch-bearers:

Some of these people are disabled or have triumphed over adversity and many are worthy of admiration, but all of them are being used, quite cynically, by the state's propaganda machine.

Unfortunately, this is the case and has been since 1936 when the propaganda value of the relay was realized. For the first time the flame was kindled in Greece and run up to Berlin, symbolizing the dominance which was shortly going to be exerted over the countries on the route. And all the others, if they got their way.

Odin's Raven said...

If all these corrupt athletes and their owners and hangers-on hired whatever facilities they need, at their own expense, and garnered whatever gold and glory they could get, that would be fine. It's having to pay for it all as taxpayers, including the state paid careers and publicity and the relentless assumption that we must be enjoying and hugely benefiting from the malarkey that is so annoying.

Maybe they can all catch some filthy third world disease from each other, or the supposed terrorists could bomb them for our delectation on prime time TV!