Friday, 21 September 2012

Dying Parties' last gamble

Fraser Nelson's piece in the Telegraph this morning repeats what this blog has been stating to the point of tedium; that the old parties are dying. It's the first time I've seen it said in the mainstream media, and as Richard North comments, what's taken them so long? 

Well, the answer is the article itself. The political press are as much a part of Oborne's Political Class as the politicians, lobbyists, party managers and all the various dags that hang from the arse of our failing democracy.  As Nelson points out, already they outnumber party members at the conferences. All are dependent on maintaining the illusion  that the parties are still great democratic institutions, champions of the people, against the reality of their being small, exclusive metropolitan clubs that have actively excluded their own grass roots from full participation. 

The final gamble for these dying clubs, supported by those of the nomenklatura such as Hayden Phillips and Christopher Kelly who would rather see a dead, stuffed, Mao continue in power than face the alternative, is to steal even more of our taxes to cram their mouths with gold. And at a time when your local yacht club has more members than your local Conservative Association, they must face the consequences; a 'No Votes for the Tax Thieves' campaign from all independent quarters. 

As Nelson says, our politics is bursting with a life quite apart from the parties. It will overcome the necrotic stench from the LibLabCon corpse. 

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