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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Whips have had their day

Cameron is the product of a small, centralist metropolitan elite formed around Conservative party HQ and Westminster. For all his talk of localism, of empowerment and of devolution of power, Cameron is as committed a central Statist as the rest of them - which is why it's no surprise that this government's 'localism' agenda is worth less than a pitcher of warm spit. And when faced with a 2010 back bench intake many of whom took Cameron's glib glasnost at face value, and who exercise the sort of Parliamentary independence they believe they ought to, Cameron's reaction is to attempt to reintroduce the bullying terror of the Whips. 

Lord Cormack was the sort of Tory MP that Cameron must loathe; a knight from the shires, with deeply independent views, wedded to an older Conservatism and with nothing in his private life that the Whips could use to blackmail him with. Paradoxically, with the 2010 intake Cameron has gifted the house with whole benches of new potential Cormacks; you couldn't make it up. Cormack famously pronounced "It's Country, Constituency, Party. In that order." With Dave, of course, the priorities are entirely opposite - but he's deluded if he believes that a new breed of 'Malcolm Tucker' type Whip can restore the Parliamentary party's central Statism. Once they've tasted freedom, even a foul-mouthed bully reeking of whisky and halitosis and gripping their arm in a vice-like bruising cramp to ensure they go through the right lobby won't work. The 2010 intake are closer to the mood of the country than Cameron can guess - and the Whips have had their day.


Anonymous said...

I suspect not. They're still the products of the Party selection process, and they're still people who put themselves forward for a "position of power". Most of them will still be there hoping for some sort of career / advancement, and so will be vulnerable to the bully-boys.

The system remains terminally corrupt, regardless of political stripe.

Anonymous said...

We'll see...

My opinion is that they are all self-serving turncoats, the lot of 'em.

Coney Island

Barnacle Bill said...

Whilst the Whips might have had their day Cast Iron still has many gaudy baubles, funded by us, to dangle before them.

Talwin said...

I suspect Coney Island is for the most part right.

Whilst no activist, so pissed of with Labour was I that I even did a bit of canvassing/leafleting to help one of the 2010 Tory intake win in my constituency.

Although I didn't get to know her well, she would know who I was when I wrote to her later on a few occasions on matters of concern to me.

No prizes for guessing that I just got soundbites (writebites?) expressing what clearly was 'the line to take'.


Anonymous said...

"is worth less than a pitcher of warm spit"

Sums up Dave nicely, a great line but for spit.....vomit I suggest - only quibbling.

Dave has let in some free thinking spirits.
I am always having a go but maybe I should let up a little - some of the 'new' Tories have at least got some spunk, mind you with such a 'leader', he does make you want to puke and to tell him to fork off at all or at any time.