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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BBC: 'balance', nonces and moral relativism

H/T Hatfield Girl

The BBC knows the limits of what the organisation absurdly terms 'balance' but is more often the promotion of moral relativism. A poppy week broadcast package may include as well as a British Legion spokesman an Islamic jihadist advocating sawing-off the heads of soldiers, an evangelical Christian may be 'balanced' by a Satanist, a reputable scientist by a flat-earther AGW advocate and so on. For every politician urging the benefits on-air of family life with both mother and father will be another defending the rights of promiscuous bastardy at the taxpayers' expense. But there is one unbalanced area into which they will not go - paedophilia. At least not any more.

Harriet Harman, who worked as the NCCL's legal officer in the late '70s and early '80s, then under the leadership of Labour's Patricia Hewitt, campaigned and lobbied the government of the day to legalise both sex with young children and the legalisation of sickening paedophile images; in a written submission in opposition to the Protection of Children Bill she argued that  “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult results in no identifiable damage”. I sincerely hope that should this woman stand on her hind legs in the Commons to condemn Savile that there's just one MP with the balls to remind her of her own words. 

This extraordinary and harmful nonsense was swallowed by the morally-rudderless left at that time, and few institutions dominated by 'liberal thinking' were exempt. An organised Paedophile ring, the PIE, were given space on the Campaign for Homosexual Equality's conference platform to make a lengthy speech, well-covered by the Guardian, advocating sex with small boys. The same Paedo ring submitted a 17-page document to mental health charity MIND after attending their own conference on sexual law reform. The BBC, whose vacuous search for 'balance' had led it to abandon any moral sense, would almost certainly have been a place in which an institutional sympathy with these repugnant practices pertained. Against the background of this lunacy scores of minors were grossly sexually abused with impunity. 

There's always a price to pay for moral relativism, and it's always paid by the weakest, the most vulnerable and the most needful of our care and protection. And Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt should hang their heads in guilt and shame for their support and encouragement of all the sick Jimmy Saviles out there.


Anonymous said...

Good comment, you missed the other branches of this rotten tree though, those of political correctness and its very ugly sister, multiculti.

On Savile, I hope this rips the heart out of; not only the BBC but of those pious and hypocritical bastards - the Marxist scum of the Labour party.

PC and moral relativism are at the heart of the Gramsci-esque nightmare vision, or the reality of present day Britain.
Political correctness, which even now and at this very juncture is preventing the police and social services from protecting vulnerable young girls in care from the sexual predation, via grooming and gang rape by numerous men inhabiting the Pakistani Moslem community, multiculturalism allows them to wallow in their backwards ideology, their hackneyed one eyed dogmas and all urged on by Salafist preachers. Their major centres, in places like Bradford are now mainly no go areas for the police and authorities [though they never admit it and the MSM can not report it].
Labour, let em in, the BBC apologists in chief; at every opportunity - "immigration is good for Britain and if they like our kids - so much the better".

DeeDee99 said...

I hope this is the beginning of the end of the BBC as we know and despise it.

It has grown far too large and become far too powerful; advancing a liberal left agenda that the majority of British people don't share. We are forced to pay via a Poll Tax that would be impossible to implement for any other 'service' yet until very recently, was to all intents and purposes answerable to no-one.

A state/public sector broadcaster should consist of one TV channel and two radio stations (3 and 4). The rest of the bloated edifice needs to be broken up and privatised. If it is as good as it likes to think, it will survive.

The licence tax should go and the rump BBC paid for out of general taxation.

Anonymous said...

Awful organisation but I do recall Chris Morris / Brass Eye taking the 'P' word on. Caused a bit of a rumpus at the time.


Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

Perhaps a formal complaint to the police, having taken offence at Ms Harman's words, would be in order? I understand once a complaint has been made it has to be investigated?

Farenheit211 said...

Although I'm up for politically bashing Hewitt and Harman as much as the next sensible human, a bit of background is needed.

I have studied the history of the sexual liberation movements of the 60/70's and one huge and definitely regrettable thing happened - something that may not have happened if the Left were not morally rudderless as you say - was the infiltration of pro paedophile groups and individuals into ostensibly legit Lesbian and Gay organisations and the lack of gumption in kicking them out quickly enough.

These groups were riddled with infiltrated nonces it affected the Gay Liberation Front, the International Gay and Lesbian Organisation, CHE and others. Later (some like ILGA later than others sadly) these groups and their successors realised they'd been suckered by nonces and a different culture emerged in that political area. All through the 70's there were heated debates about sexual freedom, sometimes undertaken by those who gave little thought of the potential consequences of, nor how to personally and collectively manage such freedom.

Things like the age of consent,the place of LGBT people in society and family structure were being debated a lot at the time and unfortunately nonce groups like PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) did not only gain access where they should not have done but also got naive Lefty people like Hewitt and Harman on side, who should have known better, even in their younger incarnations.

I agree that there was a a lack of common sense morality displayed by the Left at this time. It entertained people and groups that they really should not have done and in my mind this negative association with nonces put back equality for LGB people for many years.

I do think that Harman and Hewitt both have questions to answer about their extent of contacts with PIE and similar groups.

Electro-Kevin said...

John Redwood asks how we get competent government.

That's easy. Scrap the BBC first.

It sets an impossible agenda, like sending our troops into battle with prohibitive rules of engagement. The candidates, the very language of debate and the manifesto parameters are all set with an eye to how the BBC will take it.

The BBC even provides the broadcast wing of The Guardian in the form of Radio 4.

The BBC is why we have David Cameron and George Osborne - primarily faces acceptable to the broadcaster having passed the 'nice' (lefty enough) test.

They would not allow a Thatcher to be elected these days. Instead the best we get is Boris who (to his eternal credit) has the wit and intelligence to run rings around the BBC's sneer machine. That takes some talent and not least a gift in likeability.

The detoxification of the Tory party was all done in alignment with the BBC agenda.

'Nice' politics.

Who are the BBC to set what 'nice' politics is now ?

The BBC are inimical to a properly functioning and competent Tory party and is the chief reason why we no longer have one.

The News of the World was closed down for far FAR lesser offences than the BBC is now accused.

This is not their first corruption or sleaze scandal - far from it. Worst of all they are so politically biased to the left and have dragged politics so far over that poor Mr Redwood is classed as of the 'far' right.

G. Tingey said...

You should know better than this Readwald.
We have always had moral relativism.
It's just that you think (actually emote) that you don't like this bit of it.

And like one or two ther people, you are attacking the wrong tatget ....
And by doing so you have missed the real villians by at least a light-year

WRONG so wrong it's pathetic.

There is a much older, very evil oprganisation, that is notorious, recently, for abuse of minors, of both sexes.
Saville was a member of that organisation.
It's name?

The Roman Catholic Church.
Saville was a Papal knight, was he not?
And what nasty littel grouping does the useless director of the BBC, the failed politician, Patten belong to?
The RCC, of course.
And there are several other nsty little papists near the top of theBeeb - one reason they won't countenance secular "thoughts for the day" of course.

Try attacking the correct target, next time!

Span Ows said...

G. Tingey, why are you doing BBC's deflection work for them? You'll be telling us it was the culture back then and trying to make out it was only a bit of groping.

Surely we should blame cigar-smokers and seat belt advocates too?

Thud said...

Tingey...nice try, its the Beeb who need to answer for their crimes as the church has already acknowledged the infiltration by individuals who now also populate aunty beeb.

G. Tingey said...

What "crimes" have the beeb coimmitted?

If any crimes were done, they were done by the Papal knight Saville, were they not?

Oh look, a gorilla!
Bollocks to the lot of you - wrong target.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@G. Tingey: This bigotry is rather tiresome. So far we have established that you hate all religions in general but one denomination in particular, and you also don't like Eric Hobsbawm because of his "religion" of communist atheism.

Do you actually believe in anything yourself, or are you simply a John Lennon style narcissist who simply believes in "me"?

Anonymous said...

GT"The Roman Catholic Church"

Not one to stand up for the International Catholics, but I expect Jimmy Savile was interfering with young women and girls long before he came to the attention of the RCC.

But it was the BBC that covered up for his apparently well known predilections.

In this case, they are the right target.

G. Tingey said...

I "believe" that what happened yesterday will happen today & tomorrow.
Usually called the laws of Physics.
Never failed yet - gravity still works .....
And I don't "hate" religions, I despise them, though I loathe the evil blackmailing murderous work they do.
A slight but important difference.

Oh: "Moral Realtivism"
Is killing another human being wrong?
Yes or No?
If no, then you MUST mean NEVER, EVER, even in war when invaders are terrorising you coutry, raping & killing.
Then you are now in morally relatavistic trritory!

Have a nice day, there!