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Friday, 12 October 2012

"The lamps are going out all over Europe ..."

How astute of David Cameron to seize Sir Edward Grey's words as the keystone of the centenary commemoration of the start of the Great War. What we had all mis-ascribed as a hopeless shambles of a government energy policy that will leave us with rolling blackouts and power cuts in 2014 was in fact a perspicacious preparation for Cameron's 'reality war experience'. Together with coming food shortages and rationing and draconian restrictions on alcohol sales, Dave is determined we won't forget 2014.


G. Tingey said...

I'm beginning to suspect that Camoron is another A Eden.
All very nice impressive "front", but everything he touches turns to rotting slime, 10 minutes later ..... when it is too late to rectify it.
If he IS another Eden we really are finished ....
Unless there is some person, as yet unknown, who will resue us?

Anonymous said...

For Dave, the UK is just details luv. He has set his eyes on a bigger prize, something on the international stage and much much bigger.

In his mind - 'aving a knees up to 'celebrate' the outbreak of WWI is just super dooper, all in a days PR and it will be a jolly good show - with the latest boy band and Cheryl Cole and maybe some windmills in Flanders fields.

Good old Eton, they don't teach 'em British History anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Great War had a profound affect on the majority of the First Nation peoples of these isles; scarcely a family in the land didn't lose someone dear, yet at this very moment I'm sure the records are being scoured for examples of our new 'representative' heroes, black, lesbian, muslims to lead our revised rememberance.

Anonymous said...

Eton educated Prime Minister who didn't even know the literal translation of Magna Carta.

Barnacle Bill said...

It is a pity that Quisling Cameron does not allow us a Public Holiday on Novembre 11th to remember our Fallen Heroes.

It is one of the few dates to be in Belgium for.

DeeDee99 said...

I'm just waiting for Cameron to announce that America led the fight against 'the Hun' in 1915.

The tragedy of 1914 will be milked for all its worth by the EU (and the UK Government)a century later.

As far as they're concerned it is the justification for destroying the democracies of Europe - most of which only took root after the second round in 1939-45.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09.45
Spot on.
Except none of us are buying their racial snake oil anymore.
They know that increasing numbers of native English folk are wise to them now and they`re starting to get rattled.
Before too long I hope,they`re going to have to account for the monstrous crime they have committed against the native English by flooding our land with unwanted and uninvited immigrants and they know it,so wait for tons of "British" patriotic bollocks with pictures of Mo Farrah and Jess Ennis all of the place to try and pre-empt us before we start hanging politicians from lamp posts