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Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Ugly Cerberus of British politics

Peter Hitchens is on fine form in the MOS this morning, describing how the media wing of the political class have decided it's now time for Ed in the buggins-turn world of our failed polity. Scorning the notion of one nation, Hitchens writes
It isn’t one nation. That’s why it isn’t and shouldn’t be a one-party state. But, looking at the policies of all three major parties, you could be forgiven for thinking that we do have only one party, all the uglier for having three heads.
Meanwhile the Observer, the comfort-Sunday of the LibDem cafe klatch classes, publishes the results of its latest 'Opinium/Observer' poll. The entire column is given over to Boris' effect on Dave's support, in the hope no doubt that the readership will not notice the tiny 'State of the Parties' box squeezed into the bottom corner of the graphic. For the discomfort of any LibDems, it's reproduced below

I suspect that not until the Conservatives and 'Other' are head-to-head on 25% each will the media wing of the political class deign to write about the real story here.


DeeDee99 said...

The particularly interesting thing about UKIP's polling rising to 11% is that Opinium copy YouGov, ComRes and the other main pollsters in loading the first question in favour of LibLabCON.

Yes UKIP's polling still keeps rising. The electorate, those who aren't political obsessives, are starting to catch on .......

G. Tingey said...

NuLieBour are on 41% !
Just because the tories are useless?
Because it is mid-term?
or what?

We're all going to be reduced to voting for the least wors - again.