Saturday, 6 October 2012

This nest of treasonous vipers

The Mail excels this morning in publishing full details of the nest of treasonous vipers conspiring to sell BAE to Beijing defence firm EADS, complete with snakes-nest graphic;

In addition to ex-Morgan Stanley boss Jeremy Heywood, now Cabinet Secretary, they include

'Bloody' Blair
Charles Powell
Jonathan Powell
John Scarlett
Alastair Campbell and
David Cameron

One wishes fondly for the whole stinking caboodle of them to be quietly ejected from this realm on a dark rainswept night, as we rid ourselves of Abu Hamza and his own treasonous cabal last night. They are each as poisonous as each other.


Anonymous said...

One has to wonder what goes through these cretin's minds?

If it is successful, drive it away... If that fails try to sell it , even when you don't own it...

If it's a failure, nationalise it.

Barnacle Bill said...

"... quietly ejected from this realm"

I'd just settle for them being ejected from a great height with-out a parachute.

DeeDee99 said...

I'd prefer to see them hanging from lamp posts on the embankment - pour encourages les autres to treat the British people with a bit more respect.

Anonymous said...

Are they all guilty of sacrificing UK for their own selfish ends or is there a hidden agenda here?

Anonymous said...

It's the EU. All these people are pro-integrationists, and the project fits well into (and indeed should be seen as part of) the EU's project to achieve a pan-EU defence and procurement monopoly. The proposed sale (selling out) of BAE is such an gross and outrageous proposal that it could properly be called treasonable.

Demetrius said...

There are fourteen of them there, were Doris Johnson or Gorge Osborne to be added we have a fifteen. Perhaps put on the pitch with Leicester Tigers, with Tigers given a £1000 bonus for every bruise they inflict it would at least be fun to watch. Then deport them to South Georgia.

Anonymous said...

May they all drown in a cesspit of their own filth.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

What is it that makes the PM think that Britain is his personal fiefdom, to do what he pleases with it. Even the worst of monarchs had some loyalty to the nation, if for no reason other then he valued his neck.

Anonymous said...

Innocents abroad in the world.
THEY are not selling it down the road, the people BEHIND them are using/paying them to sell it down the road.
Have a good look at their backers/backing-companies and you will see the same persons/companies behind the rush to provide health services.
Yes, the politicians are there, but so are their corrupt puppet masters.