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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Votes for cons in cans

An extraordinary 'first' is on its way - a British government and a Commons united in opposition to an ECHR instruction to allow convicted prisoners to vote. By the end of November, the UK must either comply or risk Euro opprobrium. 

Whilst many are prepared to say 'to Hell' with the ECHR and simply ignore the deadline, Parliament could instead comply and allow the vote for prisoners convicted of just one particular indictable offence, one for which no-one has ever has ever been imprisoned. This would satisfy the terms of the order. My candidate would be to give the vote to all prisoners convicted of wearing armour in Parliament contrary to the Bearing of Armour Act 1313. Yes, it's a real statute.

And it would leave the ECHR spluttering in rage and indignation. Job done. 


Anonymous said...

Very droll. What bugs me is that silly fool Cameron chucking my money down the pan resisting a measure he will assuredly lose and at great expense and waste of time.

Surely prisoners could be allowed to vote but in some cheap and inconvenient way - look around the EU for a miserable poverty-stricken country and see how they do it. Then make sure the professional whiners do not use voting as a lever to add expensive and time consuming gold-plated procedures.

A sensible Managing Director would be cutting management costs and developing new talent at this stage, not wasting time on trivia.

cuffleyburgers said...

Nice one Raedwald

DeeDee99 said...

Clever idea - but it would be a crack in the wall and this is a point of principle.

This is about who makes the law in the UK and it shouldn't be the ECHR. Under our current system of Government, our elected Representatives in Parliament make the law.

The Will of the people - expressed through their elected Representatives - should not be over-ridden by some foreign 'judges' based in Strasbourg.

It is the Will of the British people that convicted criminals do not have the right to vote whilst they are imprisoned. So they shouldn't get the vote whilst they are in prison. This is OUR country - not the ECHR's.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

They'll cave, of course.

What else would you ever expect from Cast-Iron?

Dizzy Ringo said...

You cannot be serious - or is it April 1st already?

Anonymous said...


cuffleyburgers said...

@ DeeDee99 - nice idea, pal, but wrong.

Sovereignty has been passed to an un elected (by us at least) administration which make law inany arrea it likes which is binding under the treaties signed by various British governments.

This includes large swathes of crime and punishment, extradition, tax and spending.

The Glorious revolution of 1688 is over.

Before long the only way out will be to fight. however we probably won't have to start it.

Anonymous said...

Or you could have one of my unrepealed laws. If I see a Welshman inside the city walls of Chester after the hour of midnight, I am still legally entitled to shoot him with a crossbow!

I don't think you will find too many of them, either... crossbows, not Welshman :)


Dave_G said...

Crossbows could become a VERY useful addition to any household before long. Get one before the Guvmint bans them (or check out the various plans on Google!)

Bill Quango MP said...

I believe it is still illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day. Or to fish for salmon.

That should do it. Handy to reconfirm those on the statute books too. In case trumped up charges are required.

Anonymous said...

Just give them their vote... Just NOT a postal one. All they haev to do is attend their registered Polling Station just like I have to. Oh and for obvious "security reasons" Prisons cannot, of course, be used as Polling Stations (no public access either).
Job done, loony EHCR off our backs and with the added advantage of a "Two Fingered Salute" offered too. They cannot complain, we have given them exactly what they wanted... Just not what they expected

Ian Hills said...

I trust that all males of fourteen plus (that includes MPs) have been taking their compulsory two hours per week of archery practice.

If not, then mass citizen's arrests might be necessary.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Very amusing suggestions all, however this is serious.

Notice that the Attorney-General is already structuring expectations for a surrender. Notice also that "negotiations" are going on between our local administration and the government in Brussels, and that "flexibility" may be needed.

Flexibility on whose part, do you expect? Theirs? Dream on...

My comment above still applies.

Moggsy said...

Maybe the could restrict the vote to prisoners who had not been convicted for offences involving violence or dishonesty and who had registered at their current (HMP) address?

Dan said...

The Irish have a very neat compromise: prisoners there are all permitted to vote. All they have to do is convince their prison governor that they are safe to be let out to go down to the local polling station.

This apparently is all it takes to satisfy the ECHR stipulations...