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Monday, 8 October 2012

Were they all at it?

The parallels between the BBC sex scandal and that in the Roman Catholic church are all too obvious. A monolithic world-leading organisation founded on virtues of rectitude and morality shelters and protects the perpetrators of an institutional paedophilia; in place of priests we have DJs and presenters, and in place of the bishops and cardinals doing the cover-ups are the controllers and directors-general of the BBC. The expressions of contrition to the press once found-out are identical, and once the story is out the victims and the sordid stories multiply. ITV, like the Anglicans, has escaped the initial flood of allegations but its own dirty vicars will emerge in time. And no doubt before long the actions for damages will begin, and group-actions (if one may call them that) of children groped by 'Top of the Form' presenters and BBC TV and radio stars will receive large cheques.

Savile was the subject of the chit-chat with my lady barber yesterday as she tidied me up. "Of course the police were all at it as well back then" she said; she had been sexually assaulted as a 13 year old by a constable in uniform to whom she had turned for help. Pervert schoolmasters and scout leaders we already know about. 

Was it something in the drinking water back then? Were they all at it?


G. Tingey said...

No & yes .....
Some parts of the BBC & ITV (interview on "Today" this morning) strongly suggest that the "entertainment" sections of all the braodcasters and film companies were dodgy....
Unlike the RC church where the whole structure was (& still is) rotten right through - it's a church, after all, isn't it?

OTOH, on this subject, does anyone really want to resurrect the spectacle of the vile "Bob" Boothby?

Calfy said...

Common stereotypes of the British held abroad: reserved, polite, unhygienic, dog-mad, queue-mad, tea-drinking, binge drinking (particularly young women), pale, WWII obsessed, understating, child-molesting.

hatfield girl said...

'A monolithic world-leading organisation founded on virtues of rectitude and morality shelters and protects the perpetrators of an institutional paedophilia..'

I can think of other British organisations like that (in which at least one of its Leaders thought of himself, possibly still thinks of himself, as a a world-Leader, indeed as saviour of the world) and whose deputy Leader and husband-to-be were on the executive committee of the NCCL when the P.I.E. was affiliated to the NCCL during the 1970s.

It's worth looking up the NCCL 's history, particularly 1975-1989.

Anonymous said...

@ Hatfield Girl.

Interesting reading. Very interesting indeed. I'll bet there are a few Labour politicians getting a bit twitchy about just how close this excocet is going to land - and who is going to launch it.

Coney Island

AndrewWS said...

What the hell does this have to do with Lord Boothby? He was a bisexual philanderer, friend of criminals and a complete shit, but not a paedophile or a DJ.

Captain Fatty said...

"... as she tidied me up."


G. Tingey said...

Andrew WS

He buggered quite a few small boys, which was one of the reasons the Krays were untouchable for such a long while, since they knew where the bodies were buried.
Ditto for Driberg on the other side, though he, at least confined himself to over-age individuals, and wasn't given to rape ....

Ian Hills said...

Convert to islam NOW, to avoid prosecution.

Anonymous said...

You seriously think "it" was restricted to the twentieth century ?
I'm quite sure it is business as usual in the entertainment industry.
When I worked in theatre in the 60's all the young ladies had a stream of "advisers" helping them.
Music is the same.
Nothing changes. Plenty of outing after death. Doing it prior to that event is career death, or real death.

talwin said...

"....will receive large cheques".

Of course, and paid for by us, natch.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Savill always wore large tops, 'coz he could always squeeze into small boys bottoms.

So arrest me already!

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do you all accept this crap at face value?

Savill prob shagged some willing at-the-time teenage girls on the basis of his being on TV and a celeb (the cult of slebs was strong then--just not quite as strong as it is now). Him and the Beatles both.
So why are all these women making all these accusations?.
Why have thirty women come forward over the last decade to say that Mike Tyson has raped them?. The US police investigated these women and found that the claims were bollocks. Many of the women had never even been anywhere near Tyson. Why make such a false claim then?

1-For money--criminal compensation
2-Because some of them are not playing with a full deck
3-Because some of them wanted fame and any possible connection with a celeb--even a horrible one of having been raped by said celeb.

In the case of Savill some of these (then 14-18 years old)girls will have had sex with him. Some might have been pleased with what happened at the time. Others might have been pestered and cajoled--but that is NOT sexual assault.They could have refused him. Some will have started out pleased at the time but have now changed their mind. 40 years of perhaps an unhappy life/40 years of ever-increasing feminazi hatred poisoning society/40 years of victimology may have caused some of them to change their minds/stories. The reasons above as per Tyson will also play a part.

Savill is dead and cannot take any steps to defend himself. Those others who are being dragged into this (wrinklies now who were men in their 30/40's back then and had sex with willing teen age girls) will help feminazi's keep the pedo circus going.
Teenaged girls are not children. They are young adult women who are (or should be) beginning to make their own life choices and decisions about everthing including sex. They may make choices they later regret. Those regrets should be based on their own personal values not hate filled feminist garbage. The feminazi's and stooges of state power want young adult women to be turned back into infants unable to make their own choices and subject to the orders of feminist commisars.

Savill may have been an unsavory character but it is highly unlikely that he was a sexual assaulter or a rapist by any real, non-feminazi, sane definition of those words.